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  1. Thank you for your reply - and apologies for the late reply! I've gone away and done some more research. Seems mental health social workers do qualify for medicare. I know I definitely do not want to go down the psychology route, so seriously looking at the social work field now.
  2. Thank you so much for your reply. I have looked into Psychology and done a bit of research into this area, and it definitely seems like I would need to do lots of statistical stuff which I really don't fancy doing. I'm a bit rubbish with paperwork! Also, I think I would need extra training after doing a masters ? I'm happy to not work in schools, but still work with children and families. I just want to provide therapy and I have a strong interest in mental health. Do you know how in demand social workers are still? As my other half wants to leave the UK next year, it looks like I will be studying over there.
  3. Hello I'm new to the forums, and hoping someone can offer me some advice. I've recently qualified as a primary school teacher but half way through my training course decided it wasn't for me. As hard as it was, I pushed on and finished the course. Although I didn't enjoyed the teaching part, I discovered that working with children on a one-to-one basis, listening to their problems and offering support gave me far more enjoyment than teaching ever did. I decided that a career as a student counsellor would suit my personality better (I have a degree in Psychology and Neuropsychology also). My partner (who is a software developer) wants to move out to Aus next year (depending on the Covid situation). I have been doing some research into my next steps. It seems that Counsellors/Psychotherapists are not the same as here in the UK, and you don't need to be formally registered? It seems that if I want to work in schools or do other counselling roles working with children then becoming a psychologist of mental health social worker is my best option. I don't want to become a Psychologist, but I am willing to undertake a masters in social work as there are a few courses available in Aus. Does anyone have any experience counselling children or young adults? Is there work available for social workers in these areas? Any advice would be grateful received.