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  1. I have been in South Australia from UK since February 2020 firstly on a tourist visa then on bridging visas whilst waiting for Qantas to start operating again, due to Covid restrictions. I have been staying with my son and three grandchildren (all Australian citizens) in the wake of a divorce, caring for the family by taking grandchildren to and from school, cooking, cleaning, clothes washing and looking after two dogs. During this time we have had two stressful house moves. I don't know how they will cope without me here when the time comes for me to leave. With the situation as it is, my family think it is not safe for me to fly home either. I have been looking into the various visas available, but there seems to be nothing that would allow me to stay as a carer until my grandchildren can look after themselves. My son has a very demanding job, and both he and I have written to our local MP for assistance without much resulting from this. As I am currently on a bridging visa E, which is not a substantive visa, I cannot apply for the aged parent visa which was something we were going to do. Can anyone offer any advice? As I am not well in uk due to allergies and am fine here, I also wondered about a health visa!
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    Parent Visa for Australia

    Oh! And thanks to those who have replied!
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    Parent Visa for Australia

    Yes, I am here in Adelaide, on a bridging visa E due to Covid 19.
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    Parent Visa for Australia

    Been meaning to try and get a Parent Visa for years. Am now qualified to apply for an Aged Parent Visa! I have been told I need to get advice from an agent. I am in Adelaide. Does anyone have any advice or suggstions for me?