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  1. Hello everyone, Please suggests. I am just wondering how could we remove the content I have posted in my account. deactivate the account from this site? Thanks,
  2. Hi guys, I have just got 186 ENS visa on 13 April 2021. Nomination and visa submitted on 21 Feb 2021. Nomination approval received on 1 April 2021 . visa grant on 13 April. My question is that can I leave current employer with 186 visa.? Regards, hkt
  3. tom2020

    Small company can sponsor 186 visa?

    Thanks for the reply. Do we need to advertise a job post on the government job portal like Job Active before we do the employer nomination? What is the process we need to do? How much do you charge the agent fee? Please contact me 0451924288 Thanks.
  4. Hi everyone, If the company is small size around 20 employees, the company can sponsor 186 visa?
  5. Hi guys, My employer wants to sponsor a 186 PR visa, but we don't know how to write a proper job description to do advertisement on the job portal. Can you guys suggest to me how to write a proper job description? Please let me know the other process as well. Best Regards, tom