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  1. I saw a case in FB group yesterday where she lodged on 29th Jan 2016 and received 2nd Vac notice on 2nd Oct. but that's before budget,
  2. good point mate. But there were so many documents for me to prepare and gather. i couldn't lodge on the same day
  3. Hey mate, My application is 29th Jan 2016 and my wife's 16th Feb 2016. Neither of us receive any 2nd VAC notification
  4. Hey, I dont think this is the real case. Either this guy forgot about the lodgment date or he transferred from 103 to 143 and skipped the queue. Its hard to believe immigration jumped from May 2016 to 2018 straighaway.
  5. Hey all, anyone who submit after 22nd Jan 2016 got their 2nd VAC notification? Thanks
  6. Can i please ask you your latest 143 approval case on hand? when did they lodge the visa? thanks
  7. agree. this stream should be kept more relevant to its topic
  8. Hey all, I am following with a few migration agent and keeping track of those who recently received 2nd VAC payment request for 143 visa. Just want to share info with you as i know many of you are waiting anxiously like me. 07/10/2020, an applicant who submitted on 22nd Jan 2016 received his 2nd Payment request. Anymore updates please comment
  9. casuarina

    143 visa lodged in Jan and Feb 2016

    i think you are right that these two applicants could be the 173 holders. the latest news i heard from this forum is the guy who applied in mid Jan and received notification last week. Other than that, no one heard of anything from home affair. The budget and migration plan that released today is another bad news for parent stream (reduced from 7K to 5K). Sadly we might wait for event longer.
  10. casuarina

    143 visa lodged in Jan and Feb 2016

    thank you. Wish us all good luck
  11. casuarina

    143 visa lodged in Jan and Feb 2016

    Hi, I followed some migration agencies and noticed two 143 applicants that applied in March 2016 have got their visa granted. BTW i had the same fight with centrelink when they rejected my application in the first place. They simply rejected my case because they didn't check the file i uploaded in mygov. Just cant believe how irresponsive they are.
  12. thanks mate. yes quite a few of us are on the same boat. i will share my update (if any) too. wish all of us good luck
  13. Hey guys, Any updates on the 2nd VAC request? Anyone whose AOS was accepted in Feb this year or applied 143 in Jan/Feb 2016 got notification? So anxious about current situation. Thanks guys
  14. i understand a number of people including me who lodged visa in Jan and Feb 2016 are still waiting for 2nd VAC however some of Mar and Apr have already received request. Can you share your processing time if you are around the same dates? especially the date AOS is accepted Mine is in the signature. Hope all have good luck with 2nd VAC