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  1. DukeNinja you are a great help. thanks can I have your email address to ask you some more questions pleas e
  2. Anthony can I ask what stage of your application you are now mate. I am in UK wants getting my application ready for ASMIRT!! Are you doing Aphra application form here too DukeNinja you are nice human being helping people from saving a Future from agents. me and Mrs combined might have 70 points she is a secondary school teacher and I am rad for 15 years with PGC in CT. My over all PTE is 80 but I am 41 years old with 2 kids any help with application as we are planning to get Aphra and ASMIRT then wife PTE Hopefully before EOI also I am confused with ASMIRT fees some part of form say 298 and some say 900 plus!! Can anyone clarify