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  1. cbarbuto

    Request for more information advice

    I took our utilities, phone, insurance and bank dating back over 5 years are added it again to the bottom "other documents" maybe the case worker will see them there.
  2. cbarbuto

    Request for more information advice

    Thanks for commenting and yes we provided all of this, bank, utilities, gym memberships that date back years so we are confused why they are asking since we provided it already...
  3. cbarbuto

    Request for more information advice

    Hey Marisa, I should have been more detailed in my post. Yes we provided miles of proof, bank accounts, gym, phone, utilities that date back years as well as a couple of dozen love Dovie pics that go back 10 years so we are confused why they asked for this since we carefully provided this as attachments inside our immi
  4. Hi guys, this morning after nearly 8 months of waiting we received an email from Australian Immigration. They have asked for additional information which we are working on (State of Texas police check and I did not know that I had to submit a sponsor application which I just did) Additionally the case worker has asked for "your living arrangements" and "any sharing of responsibility for housework" I feel as though inside of our initial application we were very clear about this and explained we are a traditional common couple that shares 100% of all aspects of housework, financial and live together in a shared bedroom for the last 8 years" Can you guys give any tips on how to answer this to their satisfaction and where to put it inside the attachments section:)
  5. cbarbuto

    Processing Times keep getting longer

    Thanks so much for your pointers
  6. cbarbuto

    Processing Times keep getting longer

    Ahhh I see. We did the medical and police so we could go to Aus and when it’s approved (is this done all through the Immi portal?) could she pop over to NZ potentially or Hawaii would be closer than Texas. Thanks so much
  7. cbarbuto

    Processing Times keep getting longer

    Yes that is a option we may do if it keeps dragging on for 2 years but we already paid for the off shore and we understand it’s not transferable to onshore so I allegedly we would have to pay the 8k again.
  8. cbarbuto

    Processing Times keep getting longer

    Yes ok. Can you give any suggestions or should we just wait?
  9. cbarbuto

    Processing Times keep getting longer

    Ok thanks Marissa
  10. Hi everyone, making this post in hoped of some reassurance. I am Aussie and applied for my wife's residency (offshore 309) back in March this year from the United States. The processing times have varied going down to 11 to 14 months back in April then it went up back down and now it's back up to 18 to 26 months making it a possible 32 months from the date we originally submitted the application. I am out of work here in the US, my wife is ok work wise however we are desperate to get to Australia as my parents are old and really need us there. My father is Type 1 diabetic and has a tough time driving to his check ups and there is no way he has 2 or 3 more years of driving in him while we are here waiting. If we knew it would be close to 3 years we would have applied on shore and stayed in Australia the last time we were there back in February. Can any one give reassurance, advice or tips about this or do we just keep waiting endlessly and not sure if we will ever get there. Thanks