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  1. Hayleyb_28

    Migration agent

    Ok fair enough, that makes sense now. I actually visited the suncoast website earlier and left a general enquiry
  2. Hayleyb_28

    Migration agent

    Thank you for your reply. I will definitely look into Suncoast and Pinoy. I was thinking that myself because I’m confused as to how other mechanics could get 90 as he appears to score high on most things: (this is how it was explained to us) Age 30 years old- 30 Points skill assessment -10 points Work experience, 12 years- 15 points partner with UK passport- 5 points english test- 10 points
  3. Hayleyb_28

    Migration agent

    My partner and I are wanting to migrate from England to Oz. Doing my research I think the best visa option for us 190 state sponsor as my partner is a mechanic and could get 70 points. HOWEVER I have been in contact with different migrant agents, 1 wants us to apply for two visas at the same time which I have since been told should not be done, 1 said there is no point starting because of the pandemic, the other said to start the ball rolling after 6th October when the updated state skills list will be known, 1 is a lot more expensive than the others in terms of fees and the other is eager to help but I have read bad reviews. Feeling a little overwhelmed and would appreciate any help in finding a migrant agent. thank you