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    Private Schools Gold Coast Qld

    Hi Cal, Thanks , Yes there is an amazing sense of calm and belonging about the school. They have an incredible leadership program starting in the lower grade, and free coaching if kids are struggling with a subject. We love the fact they are taught a sense of pride in self and school. No skirts showing underwear if you know what I mean, no strange hair cuts, even the teachers are dressed smartly. They told us , children need to understand that they may not like the rules but it is what is expected if they attend the school and that flows on to adult life. They may not want to wear a Hi Vis shirt but it is what is expected in that job, same with corporate wear or even medical PPE. They learn pride in where they are and what they do as they have achieved that through hard work. Everyone makes their own choice of course, all we know is, for us it is a far better school than where they came from.
  2. Often see post from people moving to the Gold Coast looking for a good Private school so thought I would share this. Our family have just moved our 2 grandchildren out of a Private school in the Northern Gold Coast for a number of reasons. We have moved them to Kings Christian College. Have to say we are blown away by this new school. The open honest caring approach to students is a beautiful thing. The school is affiliated with the Hillsong Christian Church. The main campus is in Reedy Creek not far from Southport on the southern end of the Gold Coast. They now have 2 fairly new campus, at Logan and Pimpama. Although the new campus dont have a huge amount of facilities yet, the 3 campus all work together as one school. Christian based but not over the top, more from a viewpoint that christianity , is thoughtful, caring, and kind and from what we have seen they live that very much every day. The standard of education is also high with extra help available if needed. Uniform is comfortable , but smart and strictly adhered to. Hope this helps someone.