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  1. Freemantle

    The Official Weather Thread

    Which made me check, and thank you for spell check. I failed dismally! Too late to change!
  2. Freemantle

    Corona Virus

    Luckily I read the reviews on a joint my OH picked and booked, lets say it would have led to the divorce courts on the 15th day. Our cabin on the camp site was very nice with a balcony so we were in touch with the world and happy campers stopped by and had a chat. It was lovely being able to cook for ourselves, do washing etc. Coles let us down badly as they failed to deliver on our first initial day so we were 24 hrs without supplies but the camp site owners and residents all mucked in to do some shopping for us lol. PS. You can choose your quarantine establishment (domestic travellers) and nominate it for your G2G Pass. Initially my OH was seconded by bus to a hotel of their choice but we took a taxi and there were no dramas at all!
  3. Freemantle

    Corona Virus

    My O/H has spent a total of 10 weeks in quarantine, all uneventful and mostly unremarkable. I have spent 2 weeks and luckily we could choose our establishment which was a cabin on a camping site in Perth. There are some very unsavoury venues in which to quarantine, bed bugs, filthy, airless, places you wouldnt place your dog, I have seen a few first hand ! and the food can be revolting! My OH's company paid for all our quarantines but had I been paying for some of the hotels I would have been seething! 14 days is a long time in solitary with perhaps kids and broken TV's and rotten food! I met a Policeman in Brisbane who had escorted a woman and kids to her room and was appalled at the conditions and went directly to the shops to buy some amusements for the kids out of his own money! In many cases a lot of money has been made out of quarantine and many standards fail dismally!
  4. Freemantle

    Posting to uk

    If there is something specific "Australian" you would like to send internationally I have always used Sendle -https://support.sendle.com/hc/en-au/articles/115001989672-International-prices I have found them to be quick and reliable at a fraction of the cost of Australian Post.
  5. Freemantle

    Moving from Mel removals

    We had 2.5 containers. My husband's company paid for the relocation as FIFO personnel are being directed within his company to relocate and the price including a Ford Ranger packing, door to door was $17 grand.
  6. Freemantle

    Relocating to Perth

    I have replied to you on your "removal query". I arrived from the east on the back of my husband being an essential worker so I had to obtain a G2G pass 3 weeks ago. My husband had already completed 10 weeks (5 batches of quarantine) at various hotels so this time we booked at the Perth Caravan Park in a cabin which was great! Friendly staff/ ground level all the amenities within the cabin at a favourable price. The thought of an airless hotel room wasnt attractive and the cabin ticked all the boxes.
  7. Freemantle

    Moving from Mel removals

    We also had to go into quarantine with the mandatory 11th day Covid-19 test and we opted for a caravan park cabin near the airport which was fabulous. Coles & Woolworths delivered frequently to us. Cost wise it was very reasonable and we had our own balcony at ground level.
  8. Freemantle

    Moving from Mel removals

    We moved a month ago from the east to Perth and used Grace Removals. We have used them a couple of times before and found them very professional at departure and arrivals of our goods. They also transported our car with no issues at all. They also have storage facilities. I did negotiate the costs prior to removals.
  9. Freemantle

    Returning to UK during Covid

    We travelled Europe extensively for a couple of months using our long service leave ending up with our kids in London. Its wonderful frequenting local shops with an amazing array of produce from all over the globe beautifully displayed! Marks & Spencers I cannot fault the same applies to Waitrose. Stocked up with old favourites / loved walking through excellent department stores. The UK still can hold their head up high over quality!