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  1. Morning Elizabetty / all Hope everyone is still hanging in there and like me, in slight disbelief that we'll be opening the first day of our Advent calendars in about 6 days. Anyway... to business! Are you able to confirm which Home Affairs links you used when you/your contact lodged their "complaint" requesting for an extension? I lodged mine via https://immi.homeaffairs.gov.au/help-support/contact-us, Ithink i ended up selected that i was making a general complaint about the visa section, provided our visa ID etc, and brief message requesting an extension due to the ongoing pandemic but I've had a reply this morning saying: >> Please note that regarding the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic, the Department of Home Affairs is working closely with the Departments of Health, Agriculture and other agencies as part of the whole of Government response. The latest information can be found by visiting: · Department of Home Affairs – COVID-19 · Department of Health - COVID-19 · Smartraveller - COVID-19 Our Feedback Form enables us to respond to clients who provide us with suggestions, compliments and complaints about the service the Department of Home Affairs provides. As the matter you raise is a general enquiry, it is not possible for the Global Feedback Unit to assist you with this matter. The information on our website Department of Home Affairs – COVID-19 may contain the answer to your enquiry. << Has anyone else lodged a query and received a response yet? The most likely explanation is me choosing the incorrect options but I thought i chose the ones relating to Visa and Partner Visas. In other news - after 3 attempts at trying to call me at 5am, I've managed to answer a call from DFAT (i registered on the DFAT website as an Aussie citizen looking to come home). Just 4 simple questions asking if still overseas, still looking to come home, did i want to come home by the end of the year and finally when i did come home, was it for relocation or a holiday.
  2. Don't worry, I was (still am) the same - stressing about it all and clinging to any bit of positive news or hope! That being said - Elizabetty's news is fab! Took me a while to try and work out where/how to contact them - but then i re-read what Elizabetty said again. They don't make it easy to contact them, do they?! Fingers crossed for all!
  3. Hi PerthLondonGirl89 That's the same number i used. Careful if calling from a mobile though - a 9 minute call costed £17, and ended up having to call twice as i was hung up on when they tried to transfer me to a different department). But definitely agree with what PaulHand said - along the lines of take it with a grain of salt, the first guy I spoke to ummed and ahhed a lot, the second guy i spoke to was a bit better but did get the feeling the poor guys are just used to answer/field phone calls. If you do end up calling - let us know how it goes!
  4. Thanks to Paulhand for linking me to this post. Hi Marco I'm in the same situation as you - I'm Australian and my partner has been granted a 100 visa, with an entry by date is early Feb21. When I've called Home Affairs, I was told they can't extend the date BUT if we do end up arriving after the entry by date, we can apply for a waiver (or extension) claiming extenuating/exceptional circumstances. I would hope that because you've been knocked back by the airlines and had your flights cancelled or rescheduled - they would see that it wasn't through fault of your own. But just the thought of possibility that the visa grant may be cancelled makes me incredibly anxious. I'll try calling again this week and see what they say - sometimes i think different people on different days can provide different or more insight/information.
  5. <3 Chips

    Emigrating to Australia

    Interesting (the possibility of date extension, not the floating brothel!) Any idea how you/I manage to successfully arrange this? I called Dept of Immi twice and both times I was told that wasn't possible. What's the secret word?
  6. Hello fellow PIOs I have been trawling PIO and the internet for information or advice but have come up trumps. I'm an Australian citizen and my partner is British, after a couple years of gathering relationship history and lodging the application he/we were granted his Partner 100 via back in February this year. Hooray! But our elation and relief was shortlived as Covid19 took over the world. On our Visa Grant, it states that his first entry must be before February 2021. We will be living in Brisbane once we have emigrated. When I look for flights, everything seems like normal (pre-covid, Heaps to choose from!) - but in the news, there's reports that passengers' flights are getting cancelled or amended for almost no reason, or because they bought economy seats and they're prioritising the pricier seats. We are also slightly apprehensive regarding the job market back in Aus - we'll be looking to jump into work straight away (after quarantining of course!), but i understand that unemployment is sky rocketing. We would be happy to work doing anything to start with. When I called Home Affairs, they said they are unable to amend the Arrive By date - however if we were to arrive after the Arrive By date, we can apply for an extension claiming extenuating circumstances. Is anyone in a similar situation where they haven't emigrated yet and have a set "arrive by" date? Or if they arrived after the "arrive by" date and managed to successfully have it extended? Has anyone emigrated quite recently back to Australia? How were the flights - are the passengers spaced apart? What was quarantine like? How's the job market?