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    190 State Nom Visa EOI

    Thank you so much for taking the time to reply to this, that was so helpful! I do have a visa agent working on my case but am still finding things a little confusing! She summited my EOI yesterday but said the state nom applications are currently closed so I’ll hve to wait until my EOI is accepted? I’m confused about this part - does the state acknowledge my EOI and tell me I’m okay to apply for the visa then I also hve to receive an invitation from the state? I’m applying in Victoria as a primary school teacher btw thanks for your help!
  2. BecaG

    190 State Nom Visa EOI

    Hey, ive just submitted my EOI for my 190 skilled visa. Does anyone know on average how long it takes for the government to review this? I’m a bit confused with the difference between the Expression of interest and the State nomination application and how these impact each other? Thanks in advance!