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  1. Hello, I need advise for visa and leaving country and waiting offshore. I am currently holding a 457 visa which will expiry 2021, occupation: accountant, location Perth. I have applied 190 visa in June 2020, the bridging visa is not active as my current 457 visa still valid. For this situation, can I leave Australia on my 457 visa or do I have to cancel 457 visa first and apply a bridging visa to leave the country? Can I also waiting for 190 visa grant offshore? Thank you very much!
  2. VivianW

    457 to 190 visa

    Hi, I am new and hope post in the correct forum. I am currently hold a 457 visa (granted on Oct 2017) and applied 190 State Visa in June 2020, bridging visa is not in effect as my current visa is till valid. I want to quit my current job, if I quit, is the briding visa comes in effect? Do I have rights to work on this bridging visa while waiting for 190 visa granted? Thank you