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  1. TruthSeeking

    Entering before 309 visa granted

    We applied for the Visitor Visa 600 a couple months ago, still waiting. Should have we applied for the Exemption as well?
  2. TruthSeeking

    CANZUK freedom of movement

    Actually, Tony Abbot was appointed In September 2020 as an adviser to the British Government’s Board of Trade with the stated aim of providing "a range of views to help in its advisory function, promoting free and fair trade and advising on UK trade policy to the International Trade Secretary"
  3. TruthSeeking

    CANZUK freedom of movement

    You speak financial logic, not widely accepted.
  4. TruthSeeking

    Entering before 309 visa granted

    I'm still waiting for the darn Visa 600. I saw a post elsewhere on this thread posted in around the last 14 hours and they said they applied for the Visa 600, then applied for the exemption and then approved for within 72 hours. Am I supposed to apply for the exemption first before the visa is approved? I recall reading on Gov websites saying don't apply for exemption unless if you have a visa. Am I missing something here? My wife did a medical and couple months in still waiting. I see the wait times have blown out to 4-5 months. It's just crazy. I am exiled from my own country.
  5. Anyone here notice that the ETA (ETA Visa Subclass 601) is now showing to be accepting applicants? On the ETA website information section on the left, it had originally indicated to family to Aussies to apply for the 600 tourist visa, as the ETA was not accepting but now I don't see anything rejecting applications. I am not finding much information on this and have searched the web and this forum. We applied for my wife to get the 600 but still waiting wasting valuable time away with nothing. Maybe we should just apply for this ETA and cancel the 600? Any thoughts? I also saw a post by someone else on here posted last 14 hours stating that applied for the 600, but then applied for the Exemption, which was before the 600 was approved. After applying for the exemption, they were approved within 72 hours. I have seen multiple pages of Australian Border saying DO NOT APPLY FOR THE EXEMPTION UNLESS IF YOU HAVE A VISA. Of course not in all caps, but you get the point. Am I missing something? Are we supposed to apply for the exemption in order for the visa 600 to be approved or not? Any thoughts?
  6. Wait, so you applied for the Exemption before even being approved for the 600 tourist visa? We applied a couple months ago for the 600 and still waiting. I have read on multiple websites of the Government saying do not apply for an exemption unless if you have a visa. My wife doesn't have a visa and we are stuffing around waiting and I read this to see that maybe this may make it faster. I wonder if others are doing this.
  7. Want to submit a Visitor Visa 600, however when we're all ready to submit the application it asks for for us to upload the required travel document etc. But under the help section ? next to this it outlines some guidelines which I'm not sure if actually indeed required or a guide. Below is what it states when I click the ? for more information. Being in USA, not all states permit certified copies except you go a certain route. We went to get certified but the banker who does the notarization for us refused to state the standard "This is a true copy of the original document, sighted by me [name], [signature], [date], [qualification you have to certify documents" etc. They claimed it was according to State law etc that they can't. So here it seems Australia requires it and the state in USA refuses it. Many other qualified certifiers or notaries are not doing this due to covid and so it's really put a spanner in the works. Question for anyone that knows or those that have submitted this visa and been approved. Is it required or were you required to certify a copy of your travel document? And when you applied for the exemption also, do we have to certify all the evidence like marriage licence, kid's passports, birth certificates etc? Thanks.
  8. @lepea, did you have to get a medical? I recall you applied for the 309 already by the time you applied for the 600?
  9. Did you apply for the full 12 months or less? I'm seeing on the 600 application that if you do 12 months then they can require or will that you have a medical examination. Wondering on your experience on this.
  10. Well we have had a visa refused before as stated in the beginning of this thread, but that we cause we abandoned the application for me to migrate to the USA. A the time it was cheaper and quicker and seemed like the best option available to us at the time. So this would be one reason I'd consider talking an agent or lawyer.
  11. You got a good point. You've given me some things to think about and I'll ask about this very thing to an immigration lawyer. Just to schedule to talk to one requires a wait of up to a week and every day we don't submit an application means further delays.
  12. @lepea, we're really thinking the route you went is the safest bet for us. I have no issue applying for a 309 then the 600 and have to leave with my spouse for a short time to a near country while leaving the children in Australia with my own family I grew up with. But be a lot easier to be on an 820 and bridging visa during that time.. Again, intentions. Because of that, I can't help but think it'd be safer to submit 309 and straight away apply for the 600. We have been working hard on a Decision Ready Application. A decade of records to prove our relationship is genuine isn't hard, but there is a lot of records. We plan to submit our 309 within a few days and can then submit for the 600 within the week. Yes, our circumstances also are requiring we go. Being in the USA isn't a place I want our family to be and I think many fellow Aussies would understand. The whole covid thing has made things complicated and hard. I've seen some people have a go at Aussies stranded overseas as somehow their fault, but for us, we don't have the luxury of jumping on the next plane. As you are fully aware of, many have to get visas, exemption, etc.and that can be costly. We have to make sure kids have their citizenships, passports, etc. as well. Lots of fun.
  13. My concern is the intentions. They specifically state our intention isn't to stay in Australia if we use the Visa 600. We've already got police checks, stat declarations etc. for the 309 and are nearly ready to submit it. Wouldn't going on the 600 then applying for the 820 go against those intentions? Paying for tickets etc. for a family gets expensive and not be good to be turned back on arrival. You mean the Partner visa on or off shore? I'm assuming that as a parent of Australian Citizens, those children can be any age. This would be a huge benefit to the process. Be a lot more easier to come in and do it all on shore vs. off shore. There is no embassy or consulate near us and renewing passports etc would just be expensive and a headache since they require us to physically come in with the children we'd have to drive across states in order to satisfy this burden. It'd end up costing thousands extra. Thankfully passports are current, but they will expire in the near future and would like to go before that happens.
  14. TruthSeeking

    Entering before 309 visa granted

    Ah, so I see the Visitor visa (subclass 600) Tourist stream option is also available to family. I also noticed the stay can vary, so they could put a 3 month limit on it. But usually up to 12 months is the limit. Plus side I see is if you have children who are Australian Citizens then you may be granted a longer stay. The downside though is they can still attach the No Further Stay condition to this visa. Also you must not intend to stay. Tickets and quarantine is expensive especially for the entire family. I will see if we can reach out to a professional for a consultation and see all our options.
  15. TruthSeeking

    Entering before 309 visa granted

    Ah, I see. So if she did a tourist visa instead it wouldn't have this condition? Would this not flag my wife's visa if we're applying for the exemption required currently?