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    Brisbane or Sunshine Coast - young family

    40 minutes commute but no more. With regards to the regional areas there are a number of Brisbane postcodes (excluding CBD). Thanks for the link, so essentially live and work within the regional Brisbane postcodes or live and work in the Sunshine Coast. It looks like the best option would be to find work within the sunshine coast and live there - which avoids any potential commuting issues. Granted this might be easier said thanone finding a job in the sunshine coast - but this is good to know where I should focus.
  2. sonnyinoz

    Brisbane or Sunshine Coast - young family

    Thanks, thats interesting. Commuting traffic must be congested. At this moment I dont know if I will be working in sunshine coast or Brisbane so would be good to know nice areas to live with good schools for each, hope this helps.
  3. My wife and I are in the very early stages of applying to move from the UK to Australia, under what is most likely going to be a skilled regional visa. We are focusing on the Brisbane area (outside the CBD) and Sunshine Coast, apologies its a big area hence the reason for the post - which of the two is more suitable for a young family (we have 3 daughters 8, 5 and 2) with regards to good schools and respectable neighborhoods with professionals? We want to ideally live by the coast, walking distance, have cafes shops, bars etc but not too over crowded, also not empty. Chances are I will have to commute to Brisbane, as I work in finance. Would love to hear from anyone who may be able to help - happy to provide more info if my post is too vague. Thanks