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    NMC Registered Nurses-Help!

    I can probably help. Have sent you a direct message.
  2. J9London

    PCR Fit to Fly vouchers going spare

    Yes please. I’ll try and direct message you.
  3. J9London

    PCR Fit to Fly vouchers going spare

    Hello, Just wondering if you still have the vouchers available?
  4. J9London

    Move cube feedback

    Thanks for the replies. Our house sale has fallen through so we have more time now to decide on how we ship our house contents. It was the inventory and documentation which was concerning us using the Move Cube where as the removal companies do all that for you and sort all the customs stuff for the other end.
  5. J9London

    Move cube feedback

    For those that have successfully used the Move Cube, how in depth does the inventory need to be? Do Seven Seas give you any form of guidance? Where did you procure the packing supplies from? Thanks in advance!
  6. J9London

    Transferring money from oz to uk

    TransferWise although it’s known as Wise now. I’ve used them and know few other people who’ve also used them and never had a problem. Have the cheapest fees by far. Hope that helps.
  7. J9London

    Best Shipping / Removals Companies

    We would like to have used Crown Relocations because they are Crown at the other end as well so just makes it all a bit cleaner. However they are significantly more expensive but claim that you don’t have to pay anything more ie the fees incurred at the other end and the other bit and pieces that seem to come up.
  8. J9London

    Best Shipping / Removals Companies

    I’m tied between Doree Bonner and PSS...just can’t make a decision! The freight charges have gone up a fair bit since first quote as well.
  9. J9London

    BT Openreach Engineer

    Hi Zoe & Danny, Just wondering if either of you have any further information regarding how you/OH got on with sorting work out in Australia. We are heading over towards the end of the year and OH is a fibre optic engineer installing commercial fibre and has also copper experience all with BT/Openreach. Even 6 years after you guys posted we are still finding it difficult to get information about work prospects so any information would be massively appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  10. J9London

    Best Shipping / Removals Companies

    Did you choose a removal company? We are still getting quotes in and the price has gone up a fair bit following increase shipping cost in March. I believe if you arrive more than 6 months after your goods then you are up for import tax on them.
  11. J9London


    You could look at Emirates-economy give you 30Kg but over as many bags as you like. How much excess baggage do you have? Otherwise send my bag as previously suggested-from what I’ve read arrives really quickly and is a door to door service.
  12. J9London

    Best Shipping / Removals Companies

    We have had a quote and home visit from PSS. So far they have been very good and competitive. Unfortunately with current climate we need to make sure we arrive within 6 months of the shipment arriving in Australia...something no one can guarantee at the moment!