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  1. WinterBench

    Medicare Entitlement Statement

    Hi, I have still yet to receive it but I can calculate the number of days that I was exempted from the full 2% levy based on when I received my interim medicare card. Should I go to a tax agent or proceed with my tax return?
  2. WinterBench

    Medicare Entitlement Statement

    Hi everyone, I applied for my MES on 13th July and heard back on 12th Aug, requesting for more documents. I emailed everything again on 12th Aug and have not received anything yet. With the deadline for tax returns so close, I am starting to get worried. Has everyone been receiving their MES?
  3. WinterBench

    Early childhood

    Hi all, I am asking on behalf of someone who is pursuing a master's degree in early childhood in QLD. If they choose to go for 491 afterwards, will they require 3 years' experience prior to the application? Regards
  4. WinterBench

    Medicare Interim Card

    I am on the 485 visa which does require me to be on appropriate health insurance. Already cancelled my private one. Will have to call Bupa up to remain on it. Thanks Paul
  5. WinterBench

    Medicare Interim Card

    Hi all, I was invited for a 189 visa and have just recently submitted my application. I enrolled in Medicare as well and have received my number. My interim card will be arriving in a few weeks. Is it all right for me to cancel my private health insurance with Bupa?
  6. WinterBench

    subclass 143 - dependent child

    Thanks for the clarification, Paul.
  7. WinterBench

    subclass 143 - dependent child

    Noted, thank you.
  8. WinterBench

    subclass 143 - dependent child

    All good, that is definitely a question for a migration agent in the future. Ah, my sister is unable to commence the parent visa process as we wouldn't meet the balance of family test until I attain my PR. Thank you for your response thus far, definitely gave me more things to think about!
  9. WinterBench

    subclass 143 - dependent child

    I was actually under the impression that my time in Australia on a student visa (4 years, 2016 - 2019) would be applicable towards the two years residency? I have an older sister who is an Aus citizen as well. Yes, I understand planning right now amidst a pandemic plus possible future parent visa changes probably isn't the greatest idea.
  10. WinterBench

    subclass 143 - dependent child

    Hi Marisa, Thank you for the thoughtful response. I don't have my 190 visa yet though my EOI is ready to be sent in when BSMQ opens. I am currently working FT in QLD. My family is from an Asian country as well, not UK. We have always lived outside my home country due to the nature of my parents' jobs and thus have no fluency in our language, only in English. Migration is the only way for us since we are third-culture kids. Hence, I was just wondering about the various ways I could help my brother migrate over in the future and wanted to find out more information about this before heading to a migration agent in the far future. Appreciate your input as always. Thank you.
  11. WinterBench

    subclass 143 - dependent child

    Thank you for directing me to that thread. Didn't realise it was a 8 years' wait now. What a shame.
  12. Hi everyone, If my parents and younger brother (14 years old) were to apply for 143, is it possible for my brother to come here on a student visa for his university in the future while waiting for the 143 visa to be granted since it takes more than 5 years now apparently?
  13. WinterBench

    190 points, QLD

    Hi, I do have an agent. I just wasn't sure if I should start looking at regional jobs if 70 points (80 after PTE) for 190 wouldn't get me anywhere.
  14. WinterBench

    190 points, QLD

    Hi everyone, I am currently on 70 points for my 190 in QLD. Will be able to get that to 80 once I get ny english to a superior level. Would that give me a higher chance of getting a 190? I know 189 is definitely off-limits. I live in Brisbane so I am not applicable for 491 unfortunately.
  15. WinterBench

    190 QLD Offer of Employment

    I think it might be legal actually. We are allowed to ask for a permanent contract after a year of working with them. I have set up a consultation with another agent and will see how it goes. Thank you for commenting!