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    Email for Immigration? Help

    Hopefully from now until the borders open. You need an influx of car salesman....
  2. Dominic Knight

    Email for Immigration? Help

    Sadly not the responses I wanted. Thank you for your time and reply to me. I was living with my auntie and uncle who are dual citizens now. With me being there nephew can they sponsor me? From my own research, I seem to think not..
  3. Dominic Knight

    Email for Immigration? Help

    Hi, In 2017, I was in Australia for 6 months on a Working Holiday visa. My travels sadly got cut short with my brother's emission to hospital in the UK. During my 6 months in paradise, I was in employment for 3 months with an electrical company in Adelaide. Sadly, I didn't work 38 hour weeks for the first month so I don't think I've accrued the 88 days tally. I have saved back up and would like to revitalise the dream of living and working in Australia. I wondered if there was an email address I could send over details & evidence of my trip to let me know the options I have available to me. I was unsure of which visa to apply for this time around? Should I be applying for a second year working visa? Thank you for taking the time to read this. Apologies if I haven't posted in the correct place. Regards Dominic