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  1. Scotjules

    870 parents temporary visa

    Hi Joseph I’ve replied to your question on my post
  2. Scotjules

    870 visa at last some great news

    Before we applied for 870 visa I think I must have read the conditions for applying hundreds of time and checked and double checked just to be 100% correct .
  3. Scotjules

    870 visa at last some great news

    Hi Joseph , we applied for 870 in Jan 2021 we had our medicals at beginning of June 2021 . We were unsure whether to get them due to borders been closed but went ahead anyway . Received email for final payment end Nov 2021 which we paid and got our 870 granted on 1st Dec . Not sure why you need to resubmit docs maybe medical only valid for set length of time . Hopefully you get good news soon
  4. So today we have just received E mail to pay for 2nd VAC for our 870 visas . At last can feel we are finally going to get to see our daughter and grandchildren ( youngest is 5 months old) . We are going on the 5 year option and if 143 not granted by then we have option of another 5 year 870 We applied for 143 in May 2017 .
  5. Scotjules

    We made it!

    Firstly congratulations on getting to Australia and beginning your new life there However I think you were very wrong to potentially use false information to fly . You said your wife test came back positive but you knew she was in the clear as she was symptom clear??.. How These tests are done to help stop the spread of a virus and no matter what your circumstances about losing out on money , jobs or whatever else there are thousands of other people in similar circumstances to yourself trying to travel to Australia and cannot . Now that you have told everyone of the loophole you were going to use hopefully they will not copy your idea . Yes you need to go into quarantine when you get to Australia but you also need to sit on a plane for hours . What If your wife was actually still positive and had travelled - don’t think your fellow passengers would be impressed with you
  6. Scotjules

    870 sponsorship granted

    Hi she only applied for sponsorship for us about 3 weeks ago , so really quick response
  7. Today my daughter in Australia received confirmation that she has been approved to sponsor us for our 870 visa . Her e mail says we have 6 months to apply . Has anybody else on here recently had sponsorship approved and applied? As no temp visas getting granted was surprised she got approval as thought it would not get processed until borders opened again hopefully next year
  8. Scotjules

    House sitting on 870 visa

    Hi , I know there is no temp visas getting granted at the moment however when they do eventually open we are looking at applying for 870 visa As this is temp visa and we would not be looking at buying a house until we eventually get our 143 visa . Has anybody become a house sitter , looking after owners home and pets for long term 6 - 12 months ? Are we legally allowed to do this on temp visa ? We would not be earning money as living in their home rent free .
  9. Scotjules

    Advice on 870 visa Applying for 143 visa

    Thank you for your replies , will wait and see what happens with travel over next few months and and how many 143 visa get granted .
  10. Hi all, I have just found this forum site and am looking for some advice . Myself and my husband have applied for 143 visa in May 2017 and it is looking like probably another 2 years at least until it might be granted therefore I looked at the temp 870 visa for 3/ 5 years and wondered if anybody has gone done this route instead and if it is an alternative option? If this has already been discussed on this forum can you please advise which link I should read to find out more info Thank you