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  1. The DJing Engineer

    Any fellow Engineers in here?

    thanks for the reply. you;re right about the HQs. My company have offices in the centre of the business districts in Sydney and Melbourne. However, my job is "home-based". I sit at home waiting for my next job away, so proximity to the office would not be an issue if I continue with the same role. My partner would need to be working in a hospital or other such facility, which I guess are more "spread around". A few years in the sticks before a city move might not be such a bad thing I'm going to seek some professional advice regarding the visas now anyway (since it could be either myself or my partner who has the best chance, I also have a first cousin living in Sydney since 2010 that I only just remembered! so that may change things too)
  2. The DJing Engineer

    Any fellow Engineers in here?

    Would the same higher real-life points requirement apply for a 482 temporary skills visa, or 489 skilled regional (provisional)? If that was an easier route in, then explore the permanent options once we're settled? Apparently another option is for my partner to apply and as long as we're married then I'd get in with her... Also, what's the harm in asking about the job market before being granted a visa? Why would i go to the effort and cost of getting a visa only to find out the job market I'm interested in is on its arse? Surely it's better to gain as much information about the country as possible, before dropping thousands on visa fees?
  3. The DJing Engineer

    Any fellow Engineers in here?

    Assuming I got in on a permanent visa, then I also assume i'd be able to take a permanent work contract? EG if my existing employer offer me a move to their Oz offices in a similar role, based on the assumption I quality for a permanent visa, then there's no reason I couldnt be offered a permanent work contract no?
  4. The DJing Engineer

    Any fellow Engineers in here?

    Thanks for the quick reply. Have been getting between 65-75 points depending on my interpretation of a couple of things. Having looked at some of the tests I'd definitely fancy my chances at the extra points if needed. As you say though, getting even above the minimum points stlll wont guarantee acceptance as things change all the time! To some extent visa-wise "what will be will be" - I can't really change any of the variables involved. Was hoping to get more of an insight to my specific industry to be honest.
  5. The DJing Engineer

    Any fellow Engineers in here?

    Hi, I'm currently a commissioning engineer for a large gas turbine OEM (supplying mainly oil & gas and energy sectors) and looking to find out more about the industry in Australia, in particular the best areas for my type of work, and what sort of salary I could expect? I have already realised employer sponsorship would be nigh-on impossible. Perth seems an obvious choice for the oil & gas jobs, and my own company have offices in both Melbourne and Sydney (so could be a possibility of employer sponsorship if I'm still working for them at the time) - add in the fact we are childless (and intend on being) and very social then we are very much looking for that "city life". I've had a quick look at visas and would both be looking at skilled visas (missus is in mental health nursing) as both our occupations are on the SOL (I believe I would be eligible for state sponsorship too) - I have 21 years experience in engineering in various roles, and I have a bachelor degree which I have confirmed is accredited. Only thing against me is my age (will be 40-44 when we intend on moving). I guess I could take one of the English proficiency tests if i needed the extra 10 points? Skill-wise, my degree is in Mechanical Engineering, as is my apprenticeship, but currently working in controls (PLCs) and electrical (instrumentation) with limited exposure to valves, compressors etc. Anyway, look forward to hearing the thoughts of any fellow professional engineers