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  1. RosieH11

    subclass 190/491 visa

  2. RosieH11

    Australia travel exemption! help needed!!

    Not yet also still waiting
  3. RosieH11

    QLD quarantine charges

    Can you share the link to this page please? This will be helpful for me just incase i need to return to UK, i've been worried about having to come back and then being stuck in Australia, especially if they refuse my partner an exemption and i'm there on my with no idea when he may be allowed in, it would drive me a bit crazy . But if its possibly not the case and i still have option to return to UK if i couldn't cope then that would take a huge weight off my mind! Thankyou x
  4. They will know you are onshore. In usual times the department would notify you that a decision was about to be made on your Visa and that you need to leave Australia for that decision to happen, But right now from reading this thread it sounds like they are currently not processing any 309/100 applications for those who are already onshore. So yes you could come on a 600 but just be aware that you may be in for a long wait for your 309 grant
  5. RosieH11

    QLD quarantine charges

    An extension on the date to validate your PR would be you'd think the kindest resolution, asking people to apply again for a visa is quite a rough blow, considering this is totally out of your control. Definitely speak to your agent, maybe under the circumstances there are other options. You work hard and spend a lot of money / time / stress to get the grant in the first place you don't want to have to go through all that again if you can help it. It's a really tricky situation. I have a situation myself in that I already have my PR, but the Travel Facility expires soon, so i will have to return and stay - which was my plan for this year anyways, its just now a lot more complication and rather stressful. I can tell you though Australia is a brilliant place to live, and absolutely worth all the effort and more, i'm sure you will already know this from your family who live there already! Good luck with it all
  6. RosieH11

    QLD quarantine charges

    PR and Citizens don't need exemption to go in but they do to leave, so once there you will need to apply for an exemption to leave stating you are returning to your country of normal residence i guess. Problem with this is no one really knows how long these exemptions take! My understanding of it is they basically don't want anyone going in other than PR or Australians returning home to stay. I think i would also be worried that If they see a return ticket for a short trip it indicates you're not actually returning home to Australia and they might not let you in at all Im sure there are many others in this same situation who can offer advice on their experience
  7. RosieH11

    VACCU timeframe for 600 VISA

    They are being processed but only for those applying for exemptions to the travel ban to enter Australia - such as a defacto or married partners of an Australian PR or Citizen. i have no idea in relation to VACCU though, i guess these take longer under normal circumstances anyways, and are just taking even longer now. I applied for a 600 for my partner last week and not heard anything yet, other people have heard back within a couple of days. I heard a rumour it can take up to 4 weeks to get a decision on the exemption. I hope you hear something soon, I feel for you, I am preparing myself for the possibility of returning to Australia without my partner its super stressfull
  8. You are in the same situation as me, we are together 4 years defacto, i'm PR and I have to return to Australia by August as my TF expires then, currently my partner has no Visa. We have not applied for 309/100 for my partner as we always planned to apply onshore..i really wish we'd just done an Offshore application last year now! But who would of thought this chaos would happen. I have applied for a 600 for him along with an exemption, not heard anything yet and its been a week we will just wait and hope. Else i will have to return without him and just keep trying to get hm in, which i know will be hard, but i cannot risk losing my PR. We have started really working on our Partner visa paperwork this week, we may go ahead and submit for a 309/100 soon. According to the exemption conditions they are allowing defacto or married partners to travel to Australia... so i don't see why there should be any problems. As long as you show them you are a real defacto couple you should be fine. The fact you have already submitted a 309/100 application can only work in your favour i feel! Apply for the exemption and see what they say. I know its a really stressful time
  9. Im thinking of booking mine and my partners flights to NSW soon just incase they follow suite. Though Im worried they too will go with the rule of having to have booked before the 17th But hopefully not, so if we book before they announce then we wont have to pay it Hong Kong seem to have a good one of fast testing at the airport and self quarantine at home if negative. I hope Aussie politicians start to look at other options by the time tourist start returning, Im sure they will come up with a better quarantine system soon
  10. I thought you had to apply for to 600 visa and travel exemption at the same time, this is what i did for my partner earlier this week, i hope i haven't done it wrong ! How long did it take them to approve your travel exemption after you applied for it?
  11. RosieH11

    Australia travel exemption! help needed!!

    oh hopefully you will hear soon, did you apply for 600 visa at the same time? We just put in for my partners a couple of days ago
  12. RosieH11

    RRV advice..... risky or legit

    Not yet unfortunately, we were preparing to come earlier this year and apply for an onshore partner visa. We've had to apply for a 600 visitor visa for him now and put in for an exemption. Still waiting on the outcome but its only been a couple of days. fingers crossed, if they don't let him in i guess il be coming on my own! Yes i'm currently in the UK so very much aware of the situation around visiting sick family, we are not even allowed to visit them when they are well right now. Im sorry to hear about your Father in Law it must be very difficult. I havn't seen my mum or sisters since December. Hopefully the situation will get betting in the coming months Thankyou for sharing this, Ive been reading that a lot of people are having the request rejected though, even in extreme compassionate circumstances. I need to get of twitter and stop watching the news
  13. sorry no i read it here https://www.qld.gov.au/health/conditions/health-alerts/coronavirus-covid-19/protect-yourself-others/self-quarantine/returning-from-overseas-travel-quarantine-arrangements?fbclid=IwAR0tjjxB93zW6b0h8xbWN04mwR3vCu4hgCJ4AaOHD3Jnjz8S4tYxf5oYjkA What happens if I booked my flight before the announcement, do I still have to pay for the accommodation? If, before midnight on 17 June 2020, you had a confirmed arrival date into Queensland, even if you arrive after 1 July 2020, you will not be required to pay the quarantine accommodation fee. You will need to provide documentary evidence that your arrival date was confirmed before 17 June 2020. This may take the form of a confirmed itinerary, flight booking or other documentary evidence.
  14. i read somewhere that as long as you'd booked the flight before midnight on the 17th of June (Australia time) then no you wouldn't have to pay . I think i saw this on the AU Smart Traveller page
  15. RosieH11

    RRV advice..... risky or legit

    I could come in the next couple of weeks, i'm just a huge over thinker & I worry about making the wrong decisions. The ban on leaving the country & no end to this in sight, if someone in my family become ill back in the UK and I couldn't get back to them, i don't know if id could ever forgive myself for leaving in the first place. I also have my partner here who might or might noT be able to come with me. Ive put in a travel exemption request for him this morning, depending on wether or not they accept might be decided factor - i keep reading stories about these requests being rejected i need to just stop reading the news i think This whole situation has turned me in a ball of anxiety, thanks all for replying x