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  1. Kamila


    I didn’t go through the form then. I thought it is just simple easy task to do and was too happy to get home and fill it out to send to immigration
  2. Kamila


    Not sure why they asked tho. No one in the family has any military background. could it be due to our visa condition? We were on skill visa.
  3. Kamila


    Hi all, i had my test yesterday and passed with 100%. They asked me to fill out the form 1399 and email it to them. It asks about military history of myself and my family and no one in my family has any military history. What should I do? Should I leave it blank? Any help is appreciated thanks
  4. Kamila


    Hi there, Do you mind sharing the link you practiced for your citizenship test? Thanks
  5. Kamila


    HI All, I applied for my citizenship in April 2020 and today I got the email request to do my test in March2021 at Parramatta Could someone please suggest where I could practice for the test? Thanks,
  6. You were indeed super lucky. I’m starting to believe that it really depends on luck. Once again congrats
  7. That sucks really i lodged March2020. I have always been really optimistic. Before lodging my agent promised that it won’t take longer than 1 year and now she herself says the dep is not processing offshore applications So stressful and disappointing
  8. Thanks Alina. Just sent you a message. Have you also submitted all your documents? It really is longer process for Afghans I can tell
  9. My partner did his biometrics in Karachi. We had to book online. I didn’t get rfi - I just front loaded all my documents
  10. Woww congratulations to everyone who has been granted their visa. I have submitted all documents and the latest document was biometrics which I submitted on 16th November. But I have not yet been assigned a CO. I asked my agent and they said no news yet. Can anyone relate? How long does it to be assigned a CO?
  11. Do they refund your money if tickets are cancelled? How expensive is the tickets these days if you don't mind me asking?
  12. Hi Mitho, Since you're applying from Pakistan, you need to do your biometric in Pakstan, you can't do it in Sydney I believe.
  13. Has anyone been able to book appointment for biometric collection? Even though it says that the VAC opens today, I'm still unable to book an appointment. Appreciate any kind of help to get through this process Thanks,
  14. yayy that's good news. Can we book appointments now or have to wait till 2nd November?