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  1. jack2020

    RRV processing in Covid times - a bit of a vent :(

    Thanks Paul thats comforting to know, hopefully we will hear something soonish then
  2. jack2020

    RRV processing in Covid times - a bit of a vent :(

    Thanks Marisawright for taking the time to read my plight! - yes she actually lived there for a while, just over for 5 years in total but only 1 was as PR so she doesn't meet the residency requirement unfortunately. few months after she left we released she had been only a few weeks away from citizenship eligibility... such a mistake we made there c'est la vie! Im hoping with her past in Australia, her flights and my partner application shows at very least her intention to reside permanently in Australia, we sure would not have spent the $10k+ on my visa and almost $26k now on cancelled flights (none of the airlines have refunded us yet! ) if we were not serious in our intentions, so fingers crossed! i'm hopeful it'l work out, she right now is not. This line is what is presented on the RRV application when applying.... it gives me some hope Substantial personal ties may be that you regard Australia as home or have an intention to reside in Australia. When providing evidence of personal ties, please provide information on the applicant's intention to reside in Australia and whether the applicant regards Australia as home and intends to reside permanently. I saw this on the news today, i don't think its possible yet to actually book these unless invited to, i'm in a few stranded Aussie facebook groups and people there are getting calls from the government to offer the flights. They are calling people who they assessed as vulnerable, which is good, some are in really dire situations they should get priority. We will carry on trying with the commercial airlines. Currently processing times are advertised 24-67 days... i rang them and they advised currently the are closing the majority within 12 weeks, so unless we total buggered the application up we should hear soonish one way or another. If the are going to deny it I just want it happen before her visa runs out not after.... then dropping18k on a flight would be worth a punt if its our only option left
  3. Hi all Im awaiting the outcome of a 309/100, my partner is Aussie PR sponsoring me - our application has been submitted since Dec 2019, no news yet but thats okay and understandable given current processing times. Our situation is my partners ' must enter by date' is coming up this year, she made the decision months ago to return asap without me as she's worried how it will affect my partner application if she doesn't. I've been granted a 600 and travel exemption but realistically we cant risk us both leaving our jobs given there is no guarantee of actually flying in the current climate so we decided she will go and il go later. The problem is since June she has had 5 flights cancelled 3 of which were business class fares. It's looking more likely she wont make it back by the entry date which is at the end of November, she is now really struggling mentally to cope with the stress of it all. She applied for an RRV in hope we could buy more time but recently she has convinced herself that they will outright reject her application. She feels she can't prove enough ties or reasons for being outside the country. She submitted the application about 8 weeks ago, and has given evidence of all her cancelled flights so far to show how hard she's trying to return to meet her visa requirements - along with evidence of history of her time in Australia, the reason she left (which was her relationship with me) and a paragraph explaining of our serious intention to return and remain in Australia along with my partner application details which again show our intent. I feel like surly in these times this is enough to secure her visa, we cant be the only people in this exact situation and case officers are human to... right? She worked so hard to get PR in the first place she doesn't deserve to lose it over this. I know no one can say for sure how it will go, but can anyone with recent experience of this process share if immigration are being more lenient with RRV's? Everyday she's calling the airlines and it usually ends in tears, this morning Qatar offered her a $18'000 first class flight 3 days before she has to land in Australia, again no guarantee she wont get bumped or cancelled. It's just madness that she even has to consider buying this ticket. I just want her to not have to go through this any longer. She's so depressed i'm now uneasy about her to returning on her own, she's not mentally strong enough. Im trying to comfort her the best I can in this situation, Im pretty desperate for her to get her RRV so she can relax a little . Apologies for the long long post, I think i just needed to get it out of my system we are so stressed, these times are truely awful thanks all, Jack
  4. Hi all, I applied for a 309 in December 2019 - still awaiting the outcome. My G/F has Australian PR & living with me in London currently. She wants to go back soon, maybe in the next 2 months. Im pretty certain my 309 will not be processed by then, so Im looking at applying for a visitor visa and flying back with her, we have enough funds to support ourselves there whilst i wait for my visa outcome I have questions/concerns around filling in the exemption form. The form asks for my partners country of Residence, should i put UK or Australia here? She's living in the UK for past 2 years, i find the question strange, if i put UK will they reject it as she's currently not in Australia for me claim i need to enter to visit her? We were planning on flying back together but now i'm wondering if she should go first then i later? I am no doubt overthinking this whole process! If anyone else has gone through it please id like some advice! Cheers! Jack