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    Working in IT in Australia

    Thanks all. Good to know Perth is dry heat - I think I was under the impression that it’s constant humidity and unbearable heat!!! I supposed it’s something you acclimatise to Does anyone have any insight into some good areas to live with young kids, not too far of a commute to the CBD (which I guess is where most IT jobs would be?). Or any good resources for sounding out good areas to live?
  2. andrewfx

    Working in IT in Australia

    Thanks for the replies. @JetBlast I get your point, but in my personal experience network engineers aren’t required on site almost anywhere near as much as previously. In my current place we have data centre guys for troubleshooting/incidents/commissions. My old place was a services provider and would usually sub contract out any rack and stack jobs (or sometimes have field engineers for particular clients). Definitely interested to hear if experiences are different in Aus! Is there a lot of travel needed to sites? I could count on one hand the amount I’ve had to travel over my last couple of jobs.
  3. andrewfx

    Working in IT in Australia

    Yes, aware how long the process takes. Luckily we are not in a great hurry or urgently looking to migrate. I am only 26 so have plenty of time before the cut off, but am aware you get more points for being under 30 i think it is
  4. andrewfx

    Working in IT in Australia

    Okay thanks for those recommendations. As I mentioned in my first post it’s likely we wouldn’t move for another 2-4 years. My partner is finishing up university and has to do a pharmacy pre reg year in the UK first. I simply posted here to get an idea of working life in the IT industry in Aus vs UK. I’m not currently looking for a job, just researching.
  5. andrewfx

    Working in IT in Australia

    I have seen down under centre mentioned online by a few people, just wondering if anyone here has used them? I think it will be worth speaking to them closer to the time, especially since at the moment visas are hard to get due to covid.
  6. andrewfx

    Working in IT in Australia

    Hi all, thanks for the advice. In terms of places to live, we have looked for a while and there’s only a handful of places which we think sound a good fit for us - Melbourne, Perth and possibly Brisbane. However the latter 2 I’m not sure we’d cope with the constant heat. I’m aware Melbourne is cloudy/rainy a lot, but we’re used to that in North East UK! Visa wise I probably need to do more research, but I was under the impression I could qualify for 189/190 visa although I hear this one is difficult to get points for, or 491 (once everything is back to normal). I guess one thing to consider is our salaries would go a lot further in somewhere like Perth than in Melbourne!
  7. Hi all, looking for some insight into the IT industry in Australia. We have been thinking h about making the move for a few years now, which would be in the next 2-4 years. I work as a network engineer in the UK, and have worked in this job for the past 2 years (will have the adequate experience when it comes to making the move). I wondered if anyone on here works as a network engineer, or even in IT? What is the industry like over there? I currently work for a UK government department, but worked for a big service provider previously. I am CCNP certified and have a BSc in network engineering too. We would like to move to Melbourne, as I have done research which shows that is one of the best area in Aus for IT. I notice that not a lot of jobs are advertised with salaries - but from what I found I think I could earn 90k+ does that sound reasonable? I work from hone permanently in the UK, I also wondered how common this is in Aus? Or at least partial WFH? And also about flexible working - I work flexi time, which means I can fit my working hours around my family life which I love. Is this common practice in Aus? Would love to hear from anyone who’s been in a similar situation and if you think you made the right move to go to Aus and work in IT! Thanks in advance.