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  1. Net overseas migration – which normally accounts for 60 per cent of population growth – is forecast to fall from 154,000 to minus 72,000 in 2021 and minus 22,000 in 2022 as border closures restrict the arrival of overseas students and permanent settlers. Why not increase the allocation of parent visas? Some applicants are already in the country on holiday and other visas
  2. Perhaps this is something that Alan Jones or Paul Murray could take up? Our application was lodged in Oct 2017 so we are still quite far down in the queue. It does seem that the whole 143 process has slowed down considerably and yet with Covid other category applications have ground to a halt. Surely they can clea4 the back.og.
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    Sorry Westly... autocorrect!
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    Thank you. Westland, Is that because we are UK citizens or due to it being the 143 visa?
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    Are British passport holders required to take this test and if yes, at what stage in the application process do you do it? Our 143 contributory parent visas were acknowledged in Oct 2017. Many thanks