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  1. @Marisawright based on reasonable estimates, for 491 my points sum to 80. Considering my current score, will pursuing further bear any fruit? @VERYSTORMY i am already in process of finding one. Consulted a few but they lack detailed knowledge and were recommending approaches which involves Manipulating the facts a little.
  2. Hello I am planning to apply for Australian P.R. Been getting some mixed and confusing information on various things. I am ACCA Member and have cleared CFA Level 2 exam in 2017 attempt with almost 5 years of experience. My sibling is Aus Citizen. Following are my queries, Does 3 papers exemption due to CAT route to ACCA has any impact on ACCA qualification assessment? Will work experience count after ACCA Affiliate status or after ACCA Membership status? I have heard from someone that applying as Internal Auditor is preferred compared to general accountant. I have almost 3 years and 10 months mainframe internal audit experience, however, my current job is although audit based it is Titled as A.M Accounts and Finance. How can i claim internal audit experience for my current job, will writing my job details make my experience counts towards audit? i have also been working as Financial Controller for USA client. (20 hours per week). Can i use my Financial Controller role in Management Consultant category. If not, is there any way i can positively use it in application process? Been awarded Masters in Commerce (M.Com) - 16 years education equivalence by local degree awarding body at time of ACCA membership. Will this equivalence be of help in my application process. Temporarily resigned form my ACCA Membership from late 2019. However, it can be reinstated any time required. In process of application, do i need to reinstate my ACCA membership status? My sibling (blood relative) is Aus Citizen, how can it benefit me in application process? Regards