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  1. Couza

    Are work visa with travel bans still allowed?

    Thank you for your kind words. We will apply regardless for the exemption, but just want to really get it right and have our best chance by doing it right!
  2. Couza

    Are work visa with travel bans still allowed?

    Thanks MarisaWright, we needed to apply for a visa before the exemption. He has applied for the WHV, because unfortunately he needs to be able to work when here, and a tourist visa doesn’t suit our needs/financial situation. I understand you can apply for the exemption multiple times, it’s more a matter of we want to get the reason for the exemption right. Whether that be proving our relationship with significant evidence OR proving WHY it is crucial for him to come to Australia. it says people can travel to Australia if they can prove they are in a relationship / spouse of aus citizen, but We’re wondering if proving the relationship is enough or if we need a reason to WHY we need to be together (as lots of partners are separated i presume, and concerned relationship might not be enough of reason)
  3. Couza

    Are work visa with travel bans still allowed?

    Hey Toots, I am currently in Aus, he is in the UK. We both lived together in Vietnam for over a year, and have evidence to prove we are in a defacto (including registrated relationship with government here in Australia) based on the fact I am an Australian resident. However, we are unclear if this is enough to grant an exemption. Home affairs claim being in a relationship with an Australian citizen is enough means to travel to aus, but I’m wondering if we need more of a reason for him coming, opposed to just proving our relationship.
  4. Couza

    Are work visa with travel bans still allowed?

    Hi, no he is not applying for PR. simply a WHV 417, however he is in a de facto with me (an australian resident) so we are wondering if Visas in these circumstances are being approved, if you have an exemption..... also wanted assistance or any advice of anyone in similar situations and things that helped with the exemption
  5. Can my British boyfriend still apply for a work visa, despite the bans on travel. I know people can get exemptions to come here, but was wondering if all the normal visas are still allowed.... (if after the visa is approved, we get an exemption for him to travel here based on the fact I am an Australian citizen and we are in a relationship)