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    Making connections for arrival Cairns

    Thanks yes Trinity beach is lovely 🥰 should have been for a visit but was cancelled due to corona and the boarder being closed. Miss it x
  2. Hi all, Would really appreciate any help or advice on this. I am applying for an intention to marry visa to be with my Austrailian finace. My daughter is 5 and I'm unsure what document I need to prove her biological father agrees to her immigrating to live with us in Australia. We have verbally comments an arrangment and he is happy with us moving. Is it a statuary declaration that I need? If so, I am unsure what this is? I just noticed this written on the checklist? This is the only part of the visa process we are stuck with and then we can apply?! Thank you in advance to anyone that can help x
  3. Hi I'm 35 and my daughter is currently 5 and we are applyingvforbthe partner Visa subclass 300 intention to marry visa to be a famiky together with my finace in Cairns Trinity beach. I was wondering if there is a chat group or if anyone else moving ro the area or already established there with children of a similar age? We are just applying for our Visa so wont actually be there for another year. Would be nice to make connections with people with friends for my little girl as all the friends we have in Cairns dont have children.