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  1. MikeW1990

    Bridging from WHV to 835 Remaining Relative

    Thank you. Thats what I am really querying I appreciate your response
  2. MikeW1990

    Bridging from WHV to 835 Remaining Relative

    I appreciate that. I am a Plasterer and only 30 so I am aware that I have a shot at 190 or 491 and am collating the information for that assessment. My query was really in relation to getting onahore as come January I am not eligible for WHV anymore and thus that is one less option. I was really querying whether other people have used such methods to get onshore and sort it from there. I know there is no quick fix and there may be a bit of bouncing around of visas etc.
  3. MikeW1990

    Bridging from WHV to 835 Remaining Relative

    With respect everyone is different and Mental Health affects people differently. You have no idea of my personal circumstances or indeed events which have occured in my life which have led me to the point I am at or indeed the circumstances with my family. Everyone else whether agreeing or disagreeing with my query have been constructive. Worst thing you can do for someone who is dealing with demons and struggles is to basically say grow up, pull yourself together. It is not extended family, it is parents, 2 brothers and a sister. I have also said it is not something I am looking at necessarily immediately just considering how I can achieve my goal.
  4. MikeW1990

    Bridging from WHV to 835 Remaining Relative

    My first priority is to get to my family. Its been 4 years without them and mentally is destroying. If I were to meet someone and have kids and settle down then obviously under those circumstances there are alternative visa's which could be considered at that time. Thank you for your opinion though
  5. MikeW1990

    Bridging from WHV to 835 Remaining Relative

    Only considering options at this point. Im aware of what Paul has said to and appreciate his direction also. There is a separate section on which you can apply for an exemption, however, I am also under no illusions that not all are succesful. As I have said I am not necessarily looking to go immediately, just looking at all avenues. Thank you again for your input
  6. MikeW1990

    Bridging from WHV to 835 Remaining Relative

    Thank you. I am in process of sorting skills assessment documentation etc but dependant on points and potential waits the method muted might be a way for me to get there sooner. I am liasing with an agent and am also able to enter australia via an exemption as I am immediate family and have no other close family outside of Australia, although it wouldnt be an immediate move as have things to settle up in UK first
  7. MikeW1990

    Bridging from WHV to 835 Remaining Relative

    Thank you Looking at that to. It may be that I process that onshore though so as to get there sooner.
  8. MikeW1990

    Bridging from WHV to 835 Remaining Relative

    Thank you I understand. I am just in a position at 30 that after this year I can not get a WHV. Therefore my only way in would be via student or skilled. No guarantee with skilled route and student is out of my price range. I am taking advice though. It is just horrendous with no family. They all moved 4 years ago and tbh it has affected my whole life. One of 4 siblings and a close family, I wasnt able to go on visa due to being non-dependant. As long as I can work there, be it on bridging or via skilled route when onshore then obviously would need to weigh up the limitations etc from there. The key really is whether Bridging would allow me to work
  9. MikeW1990

    Remaining Relative Visa

    Liasing as we speak. There are a lot of options once there. Can do Student visa as well if needs be. Just need to be with my family
  10. MikeW1990

    Remaining Relative Visa

    Im in same boat. Parents and siblings all live in Aus and I am here on my own. My intention is to apply for WHV and then when onshore remaining relatives if by that point I have not found a job to sponsor me. If I continue plastering out there I will apply instead for Skill visa whilst onshore. Also if I met someone there then there is the potential for partner visa in the meantime as I am going to be stuck on Bridging Visa forever otherwise. Have you looked at Student option? If he did a degree or even carpentry for instance, once he completes that there are visas he can apply for to work.
  11. MikeW1990

    Bridging from WHV to 835 Remaining Relative

    I am a plasterer so thats another option but would rather apply on shore as am on my own if in the UK. Was more concerned at being able to work on a Bridging Visa in the mean time. Thank you for the input though, appreciate the response
  12. MikeW1990

    820 partner visa from UK

    My brother did similar 4 years ago but what he did was went on a student visa doing something in line with where he worked until they could evidence the 12 months. Not only did this keep him there legally, he got a qualification out of it to. He is Permanent Resident as of August
  13. Hi There I am currently in the process of trying to get to my immediate family in NSW. I am 30 and my parents and siblings are Permanent Residents. My parents have said that they would of course sponsor me for this visa from my Working Holiday Visa. My only real query is whether I would have working rights on the bridging visa I am granted which I think would be BVA as they are both substantive visa's. As WHV and 835 both have working rights, would the BVA hold the same? I know it is potentially a long time to achieve 835 and you are restricted on leaving the country, however as my family are all there and there is so much to see in Aus alone, that would not bother me. Thank you in advance for any advice