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    permission from ex

    No I haven't as yet, it's all a bit confusing if I am honest! We have really just talking between ourselves to discuss our options in the last few months. My husband is also a qualified joiner by trade although he hasn't worked as one for many years. If needs be he could get back into it again for a few years and we could go on his trade rather than my being a nurse?
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    permission from ex

    Absolutely I will of course try to reason with him as I don't want to be spending an small fortune on court/lawyer fees that might potentially result in being told we have to stay put
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    permission from ex

    Yes, I was reading through several peoples posts about how long the process can be so I was wanting to get a little more info before I sent the 1229 form so I am as prepared as possible! He does pay child support, but that definitely wouldn't appeal to him enough to consent unfortunately. I lived/travelled in Australia when I was younger for several years and I absolutely loved it. The outdoor lifestyle which we can't have in the UK, the multicultural society, how welcoming and friendly everyone is and just in general how there is such a healthier, more active lifestyle. I have looked at the education system but not specific schools as we are a little way away from that yet, but I have found that the overall scores are higher than the UK too. There's no contact with anyone on her fathers side of the family. So I am hoping this will also go in my favour? I will definitely need to sit down and have a good think about specific things that will make it a better life for the children to help me in court. We still have family in the UK so we will be coming back for holidays esp. around Christmas time. My husband is an only child and so our child is the only grandchild and my grandparents wouldn't be fit for the journey to us. I understand I have to be seen to be reasonable so I would be more than happy for her to skype her dad/email/letters etc but I don't think he will keep it up because he isn't doing it now.
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    permission from ex

    Hi! I am looking at relocating with my 2 kids and husband within the next 2 years. We haven't got a plan as such in place yet, but we are thinking either WA or QLD as we have friends living in both states. We plan on applying for a skilled visa as I am a RN. I have a child from a previous relationship and am aware I will need to have her dad sign a 1229 form. I have a feeling he will throw a spanner in the works and refuse to consent meaning I will have to go down the route of mediation and maybe even court. Which from what I have read is a long winded process and the court wont always grant permission. She is 4 and there has been no contact at all in the over 2 years now so I wont be taking her away from a bonded relationship. We were at court previously for contact but daughter didn't take well to it so judge granted indirect contact which her father has never followed as no contact has been attempted. I am hoping someone could advise on what I will need to present to the court to prove moving is in the childs best interest? I am aware I will have to show I am willing to allow contact to take place via skype/phonecalls/emails etc. It would be great to get an insight into others who have experienced the court process as I really have no idea what to expect. I would really appreciate any guidance on what to include!