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    457/482 transfer processing time

    Hello @Irish54, @MS58, My nomination (transfer) has been approved today morning. It took almost 95 days for it. The delay is because of Covid. Its is standard sponsor. I pray and lets hope both of you get this approval ASAP. Thanks.
  2. PK17

    457/482 transfer processing time

    Yes @MS58. I am in Australia at the moment. Our visa agent is als chasing up with DHA but no luck yet. I will definitely post update once I get it.
  3. PK17

    457/482 transfer processing time

    Hi, Still nothing. Applied in Mid March'20. Really feel helpless and survival here without a job in biggest pain on earth I guess!! Sorry for my words but really frustrated now. 3 Months ! Eagerly waiting to here some news on this now.
  4. Hi Mate, Did you get your nomination approval? May I know How long does it take? I am also in same boat but still waiting for approval. regards,PK
  5. PK17

    457/482 transfer processing time

    I am still waiting. No update yet. The only update I recieved is "delay due to covid" . Its a standard business sponser. More than 2.5 months now. Totally frustrating!
  6. PK17

    457/482 transfer processing time

    Hello Irish 54, I am in same boat. My new employer has applied my nomination transfer request through agent on 16th March'20. I am still waiting to get decision on this. Not sure how long will it strech. 2 months completed today. Is there any way to speed this up? regards, PK