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  1. Hey guys! Just a little update on my 'moving to australia' situation. My mum told us yesterday morning that she has gotten a job in Australia (had an interview online)! I believe the job is in/near Newcastle, NSW ( @Marisawright you might be pleased to know haha) and it seems like a good job in a good city! I am rather excited about moving, even more so now that we have a general area as to where we will be moving to. I would appreciate anyone's input on the top suburbs in Newcastle and surrounding areas to live in, areas that are best avoided if possible, the top high/secondary schools there and any tips on living there! Thanks guys!
  2. @Marisawright Ah, I get what you mean. Also sorry for misleading you, I haven't actually lived in Hobart before! But I lived relatively near it and visited it often so I'm aware of its scale etc. I actually lived in Cygnet primarily during my time in Tas, as well as Margate and Snug, so I suppose I might be even more looking forward to living in a big city! Thanks for the advice, I wasn't aware of this. It might not be a problem to begin with as we will be finding somewhere to get set up at and get on our feet, and we may even move to somewhere later on if we decide to, so in terms of travelling around Australia I think it might be alright for now! Thankyou for the input, I appreciate it!
  3. @JetBlast Thanks for the suggestions I will have a look at them! I have seen some posts mentioning avoiding Northern areas. Thanks for the warning haha
  4. @Marisawright I didn't actually know that! That is interesting, and I guess not surprising given the size of Aussie. To be fair, I do find it hard to properly picture the sheer scale of Australian Cities, as I have never visited them properly and I only really have Hobart and UK cities to go off haha. In regards to only looking at capital cities, I am not actually quite sure as to why! I didn't really notice that. I suppose to start with, they were the most noticeable cities that, at the time, were the easiest to research. I think we might have looked at Adelaide rather than other large cities in South Australia as it is further south, closer to Melbourne/Victoria and Tas. Are there any cities like this in (Southern) South Australia and Victoria? I will do some more research on non-capital cities thankyou for reminding me I will tell my mum about Newcastle and Geelong as well, thank you!
  5. @Marisawright it has been a bit all over the place with us on where we want to live, but recently my mum has taken a liking to the idea of living in Adelaide. Previously, we lived in Tasmania (which is a lovely place) however we thought that this time it might be best to go to the mainland instead, as my sister and I are no longer young children, and it would make it easier to visit other places on the mainland. We have considered Melbourne/Victoria (which is probably our second choice), but we think that Adelaide seems to be an overall good pick, as it is more affordable than Sydney or Melbourne, has a nice climate and good weather, and is still in South Australia close to Tassie. Sydney, although I'm sure is a great city, is way too expensive for us and wouldn't be the right fit, Perth is nice however a bit too separated from the rest of the country for us, and north Australia is a bit too hot and dry for us. I think it's basically a choice between Tas, Melbourne and Adelaide. From what we've seen, Adelaide seems like a more chilled (and for sure more affordable) place than say, Sydney, and seems to have almost everything a person could enjoy to a decent extent, at least. In regards to this, I have seen around this website the struggle Poms sometimes have with making friends, and I suppose that makes sense for adults with a pre-existing friend group. I am not sure what it will be like for both my mum and me in terms of making friends but I'd like to think it will be fine haha! My mum isn't extremely bothered when it comes to making new friends, as she is comfortable with her own company, but I'm sure if she wanted to socialise with new people she wouldn't have too much of a hard time - I guess we'll have to wait and see! Thankyou for this feedback, I appreciate hearing people's opinions and stories!
  6. @NicF Thankyou for those suggestions! I will for sure look into them further. In terms of a budget, to start off with we are looking for somewhere affordable and relatively cheap that we can rent out until we get on our feet
  7. An ideal/pipedream place to live in Adelaide: Walking/Biking distance to the beach - [OR access to buses/tram lines that lead to near the beach - of course having to drive is ok if necessary!] Not too far away to the main city/CBD - preferably less than an hours drive - [Access to buses/a train line that leads to the city would be good too] Has a decent selection of takeaways within the suburb - [Or at least has delivery] Has a cafe/coffee shop/lunch bar that I can bike or (if necessary) take a long walk to - somewhere to hangout with friends or by myself. - [again, having to take the bus/tram would be fine too] Relatively close to a public park to walk the dog or hangout with friends at A good local highschool (nice teachers, decent success rate/grades, etc.) nearby - [Preferably one I could walk/bike to, or with a school bus available] Low enough crime rates - [We aren't uptight or anything but it would be nice to live in a calm, friendly area, you know?] Access to decent public transportation Job opportunities for OT's
  8. Hi! It's me again, back with another subjective question! We are looking at Adelaide in terms of a place to live when we move back to Australia, and I wanted to get your opinions on popular suburbs around the city, and good cafes/pubs/food & drink, preferably in Western areas relatively near beaches. I am aware that what counts as a 'good' suburb or place to live is highly subjective based on who you are, in my case; a 17-year old, a 15-year old (me) and a 50-year old, but I just wanted to see what you guys think are some good places to look at. My mum is an Occupational Therapist who is looking for areas in Adelaide that will be good for jobs in Voc Rehab and similar jobs. The suburb/area doesn't necessarily have to be ideal for teenagers, as we aren't particularly interested in shopping, clubbing etc just yet. Personally, I would like a place that is accessible to local cafe's and takeaways, somewhere I could hangout with my friends. I've seen that there are trains/tram lines within the city and surrounding areas, so I could always use those to go to museums, pubs, libraries and other public buildings. Of course, who doesn't love the beach? In an ideal world, we'd want to live somewhere relatively close to beaches (walking or biking distance ideally, but having to drive/use public transport is fine too of course!), whilst also being able to hop in the car or on a bus/train and drive to more urban public places. Seeing as I am 15, I will be needing to go to a highschool in Adelaide, so a suburb relatively near to a good highschool or with school buses would be great haha I know this is all really subjective and vague, and entirely dependant to what you look for in life, but basically I'm looking for your personal top picks in places to live in Adelaide that were/are good for you, as well as places that seem to decently cater for a person's needs in most aspects of life (nature, entertainment, jobs, education, food & drink, public transport, recreation). Any recommendations at all are appreciated! And again, sorry for the subjectivity of the question.
  9. @Nemesis Hi, yes I do have an Australian Citizenship so I am able to move whenever I want, I just need to renew my passport!
  10. @Marisawright yeah I understand what you mean. Thanks for the feedback I’ll check out Homely! :)
  11. Hey! If you've read my other house post I said my family are probably moving back to Australia in the near future and I posted on here just to get an idea of some good town areas in Southern Australia. This isn't urgent or anything, and my family has a general idea of what we are looking for, but I'm just on here for some additional insight from anyone living in Oz! The statement is quite vague sorry! But basically I'm wondering what town areas are 'good' to live in near the Adelaide area and also the Melbourne area. Somewhere near to the water (if possible), not too far away from main cities (we will have a car and don't mind driving around 40min-1 hour to get to the big city but would prefer it to be nearer if possible), ideally with a few shops/food places (because I'm a teenager and don't want to be bored ). This is a difficult question that I'm sure would be hard to answer, but if you live in or have visited any towns in those areas what would their pros and cons be in terms of quality of life, accessibility to main cities & stuff like that, stuff to do etc. Anything would be appreciated! Again, sorry for the extremely vague question! Thanks, have a good day!
  12. Hey guys! Just a note to add - any info about renting and good places to live in Mainland Australia (more so in the southern areas)? Although Tasmania would be good to live in, we are still open to the possibility of living on the mainland as well. Which towns in more southern areas of Oz are the best to live in for two 'older' teenagers and an adult (I'll be a bit over 16, My sis will be a bit over 18 and my mum is above 40 ) that have a nice quality of life, nice landscape and preferably relatively good accessibility to main cities etc. Basically just a nice place to live haha. Again, looking for areas with more affordable renting but with decent quality housing. What areas are good for renting and which should we stay away from? Thanks a lot, have a good day