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  1. I am confused about one of the citizenship application questions. The question reads as following Other Australian visa details 1. Has the applicant ever held an Australian visa other than the applicant's current permanent residence visa?( Yes/No) 2. Date the applicant's first Australian visa was granted (if known) 3. Was the applicant in Australia at the time this visa was granted?( Yes/No) I was issued a 189 Visa while overseas by in late 2014 , I landed and activated my PR in 2015 and last year in 2019 I applied and been granted a 155 PRV visa while in Australia. How shall I answer the above questions? Do I say Yes to Question 1 and if so is Question 3 referring to Visa 155 in this case ? is it supposed to be Yes ?
  2. Ivan1

    Confused about Eligibility for Citizenship

    Hey path2aus, I have the same situation like yours and I am intending to apply in few months. I am keen to know if you were successful. Are you applying by yourself or using a migration Agent and are you able to progress after step 6/34 in the citizenship application on Immi ? Thank you!