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    Autism and health requirements

    Thanks.....I spoke to George and he recommended that i try for that aswell, at Ieast there is hope and you managed to get yours through! Hopefully I will have the same outcome. Its really difficult once a diagnosis is in place and I'm reluctant to try and have it overturned as my son will lose aide funding.
  2. cheekytyke

    Autism and health requirements

    Hi Gaia, can i ask what visa you obtained ? Thanks
  3. cheekytyke

    Autism and health requirements

    Im on a bridging visa - In the event they decline the 190 visa application, what happens to the TSS visa im currently on - expires Oct 22. Does that stay in place or will I have to leave the county immediatley ?
  4. cheekytyke

    Autism and health requirements

    Hi All, We have applied for a state sponsored visa and just had our family medicals. We are currently onshore in melbourne. My 8 year old son has autism and has a school aid a few hours a day. We have just received a letter saying he doesnt meet the health criteria and we maybe refused the visas. Has anyone had experience of this and what to do next.....ive hit full blown panic mode Thanks