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  1. BrummieInOz

    UK plumber wanting to move on, 189??

    I'm not sure if I will go back to work in Australia on a WHV as mine expires in Jan and by the looks of things they won't be opening the borders anytime soon. I'd happily work as a plumbing trade assistant as this would be better for me to learn. However I don't think I'll get sponsored and I see it pointless going to work for a few months just to come back, as I dont need the money exactly (That's not my main purpose of working over there). I can't get a 2nd year WHV either as I'm too old... So I'm thinking of doing an english exam to get my proficient english 10 points I would need to get a total of 65, then get a job as a trade assistant if it got approved.
  2. BrummieInOz

    UK plumber wanting to move on, 189??

    No I got my NVQ level 3 but someone told me I'm classed as qualified once I got my level 2.. take it, it isn't true
  3. BrummieInOz

    UK plumber wanting to move on, 189??

    Yeah I know. I wouldn't start any process until all this coronavirus situation was over. As I'd need a first aid certificate aswell. It's just that's the only thing on my mind right now, my future. And if to go back to my old job or try and go back to oz That's abit worrying aswell, but I'd contact some centre or visa advisor before hand anyway like suggested. I got my NVQ 2, 2 years ago and I believe I'm qualified from then but it's still only 2 years and even if it was 3 years I'd only have 60 points. Theres no chance I'd pass the english. My only option would be to go back over when safe to do so and try my hardest to find a possible employer that is open to sponsoring me (long shot but seen jobs advertising willing to sponsor right candidate). I've got long family members but they are my moms cousins husbands relatives dont think they would count for family sponsorship. Oh well, I'll keep looking at my other options before I contact and go back to my old company.. ie maybe a short college course to gain some extra points... or different visas available. Again appreciate everyones input in this thread Helped me out alot
  4. BrummieInOz

    UK plumber wanting to move on, 189??

    If the application expires or gets rejected do you not get your money back ?!?
  5. BrummieInOz

    UK plumber wanting to move on, 189??

    Yeah I'm pretty screwed then as I just about got the 65 points based on my 3 years experience whilst completing my apprenticeship (which doesn't count) and I will struggle on the english test as it's not a strong subject for me. Yeah I know that the companies won't sponsor anyone and I'd have to work for them for 2 years alswell after should they do so. Thanks you have answered all my questions Looks like my dream is shattered then Need to change my username I reckon Thankyou for your help, I doubt I'll get any high scores as it wasnt my strongest subject at school and dint get very good grades. Yeah I was worried about taking a test as I'm not good. I heard about the passport and native language thing and hoped I could serve round taking the exam this way, but clearly not. No I didnt include them as this is the first I've heard about it However I finished my apprenticeship September 2019. So like someone mentioned this will not count towards my actual years of experience
  6. BrummieInOz

    UK plumber wanting to move on, 189??

    Thanks for you detailed answer. I only get 65 points, that depends on me getting the highest points (20) in english too. I read somewhere that I dont need to do a test if I hold a UK passport, seeing as though its my natural spoken language. Makes sence for me to apply for a 190 then albeit the plumbing side is okay.
  7. Hi folks, I've just signed up to this site as a google search brought me here and I could do with your help please with a few questions. I turned 31 a couple of weeks ago and I was in Australia for 11 weeks earlier this year on my WHV. But I had to fly back due to the corona virus as I wasn't sure what was going to happen with the whole situation. I am in 2 minds as too whether to go back on my WHV which is due to expire in Jan 2021 (maybe extended) and hopefully get sponsored or apply for a permanent skilled visa. Can I get sponsored by an agency? As that's mainly all the job advertisements I see. I love Perth but I'd have to work in Sydney as they dont require a plumbing licence and there is more my kind of plumbing work available there.... being New Build Construction Plumbing, like 1st, 2nd and 3rd fix on large scale sites. I have an NVQ level 3 in Plumbing after completing my 3 year apprenticeship. Do them 3 years class as my experience within the trade or does it start from the date I am qualified? Is the only difference between 189 and 190 visa the fact that, on 190 I am restricted into working with an employer for 2 years and can only work in a certain state? Also, what first aid certificate would I require? Can I get one from anywhere in the UK or does it have to contain a specific australian related incidents, such as snake bites or something? Again any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks for your time