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  1. Laura Zorzi

    Citizenship by Descent Timeline

    It should not take long (1-3 weeks)
  2. Laura Zorzi

    Citizenship by Descent Timeline

    In my opinion (and experience), 12-month wait seems a bit too much. Further, once your child's citizenship application is approved, you do not have to apply for the certificate, but it will be posted to the postal address you declared.
  3. Laura Zorzi

    Citizenship by Descent Timeline

    Even if the 309 is based on your de facto/spouse relationship, you can add your kids as secondary applicants. However, if you were an Australian citizen at the time of their birth, it is cheaper and easier to apply for their Australian citizenship by descent instead.
  4. Laura Zorzi

    Citizenship by Descent Timeline

  5. Laura Zorzi

    Citizenship by Descent Timeline

    For dual citizens without their Australian passport, there is the option of the ADV Australian Declaratory visa (not really a visa though!) - Form 931. It allows dual citizens to have their Australian citizenship status linked to their foreign passport in some circumstances: https://immi.homeaffairs.gov.au/form-listing/forms/931.pdf
  6. Laura Zorzi

    Citizenship by Descent Timeline

    Yes, they can use their British passports, but they also need a visa & travel exemption if their Australian citizenship is not approved before departing.
  7. Laura Zorzi

    Citizenship by Descent Timeline

    From experience, two months without any communication from them is not a long time. If it is urgent, you can contact the Australian High Commission in London and explain the urgency, they are very responsive. The alternative can be for your daughters to enter on a visitor visa and wait for their Australian citizenship onshore.
  8. Laura Zorzi

    Bridging Visa B during the pandemic

    The Department has been approving BVBs of one year validity quite easily now.
  9. Laura Zorzi

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    There is an expectation that the position is advertised to demonstrate that there is a genuine need for an overseas worker to fill the position.
  10. Laura Zorzi

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    I beg to differ. The 2-year obligation starts when the 186 is granted, although, as you said, it is not a visa condition but a "moral" obligation.
  11. Laura Zorzi

    attaching endorsed photograph

    Photograph - passport refers to the passport-size photo i.e. the front and back of your endorsed photograph. If it says that the quality is too low, probably you will have to scan it again with higher quality.
  12. Laura Zorzi

    186 direct stream cancellation

    As you said, there is no legal condition that requires you to stay with the same employer for at least 2 years from visa grant. It is more of a moral obligation, so no issues if you leave.
  13. Laura Zorzi

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    You can use the time worked with the previous sponsor only if it is in the same location (e.g. the new sponsor buys the place from the old sponsor) or under the same ABN (e.g. change of location but same entity)
  14. Laura Zorzi

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    My biggest apologies (above all to you Adam), you are right about the conditions on the bridging visa. I am so inundated with 186s TRT – where remaining with the sponsor is a must – that I missed the point and focused on changing employer/sponsor! I had a very similar case some years ago, where the 457 visa holder was getting nominated for a 186 DE by another entity (although he never accessed his BVA as the 186 was granted before the 457 expired). The 186 DE is a permanent visa so NIL conditions on the BVA. Given the current scenario, the 186 DE nomination must have a strong case though. So need to be very careful. I hope you can forgive my (human) oversight and still appreciate my contribution to this forum
  15. Laura Zorzi

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    The bridging visa will come into effect only at the expiry of the 482. It will carry the same conditions anyway (8607 included - see below) If he changes employer, he needs to transfer his 482 (new nomination) as his 482 will continue to have condition 8607 (work only in the nominated occupation and for the nominating business). Not transferring the visa but working for a new employer will be a breach of the visa condition which can possibly lead to cancellation.