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  1. Possible?


    Sure are you based in au or uk - have you got a website ?
  2. Possible?


    Hi just a q where does one start the process to apply for RRV - and what are the costs and timelines to achieve this if granted ...
  3. Possible?

    Resident Return Visa help

    Congratulations 🥳 & thanks for posting this info! I wonder if this could apply to us - we had plans to return to au before May 2021 when our 5 year PR (189) expires - we have no strong ties w au at present - and would not be in a position to move permanently until 2022 - plans partly delayed due to corona but also other issues - wonder if rrv can be applied to extend the time before returning until after expiry of pr may 21 for a year or so? partly due to the pandemic? grateful for any input?
  4. Possible?

    189 pr visa expiring May 2021

    Thanks for advice, makes sense!
  5. Possible?

    189 pr visa expiring May 2021

    Thanks for reply Maria, i wider if you would be allowed to travel to new zeeland those first 2 years ? also am I right in thinking to apply for citizenship- - you need to have been in Australia for 3 years consecutively? Or is it 5? Thanks for any info!
  6. Possible?

    189 pr visa expiring May 2021

    Yes that’s true, might be difficult to book a flight & If even possible prices may be skyhigh. I wonder should circumstances turn out that way or similar if immi gov would allow extension of dates for PR’s who due to poss above reasons may not make it back before their date of return expires....
  7. Possible?

    189 pr visa expiring May 2021

    Ie I was assuming we would be fine should we all return prior to expire date and stay... ? Or do we still need to apply for return visa?
  8. Possible?

    189 pr visa expiring May 2021

    You mean if rest of family returns after may 2021?
  9. Possible?

    189 pr visa expiring May 2021

    Hi Just wondering if anyone would know if it’s possible to keep PR 189 Visa for longer? we lived in Australia almost a year 2018 - we then returned due to unforeseen circumstance to the uk - our pr 189 visa expires May 2021 - is there a way we can keep it ( we may All ( fam of 5) want to move back 2023 - would it fit instance be possible if we all & stay for a month before expiry date & then one adult stay on in australia family joining later? Is it possible/ or have we missed the boat? Grateful for advice!