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  1. deepaknurse

    PTE/NAATI Hindi Self Preparation Material

    Can you please send me some NAATI hindi practice material (removed personal email)
  2. deepaknurse

    Nurses on 189, 190

    Hi I have graduated from Bachelors of Nursing in Dec 2019. I have Superior English. I currently have 75 points of my own. I have already lodged EOI on 04/03/2020 for 189 and 190 for Victoria.. I hold dual registration as an RN and EEN. Currently working as a casual RN/EEN for a couple of nursing agency as I did not get into a graduate program. Can you please advice me If I should lodge an application at Live in Melbourne too because I saw that I don't need to lodge an application as they will pick from skill select. And should I mention about my current employment as a casual nurse? Thanks Deepak
  3. deepaknurse

    190 Registered Nurse

    Hi I’m recently graduated RN from Australia. I have applied EOI on 4/3/20 for 189 on 75 points and 190 Victoria on 80 points. Should I wait for 190 invitation or apply for 491 as well. And how long will I be waiting for my invitation for 190 victoria. Thanks