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  1. plangley85

    Partner visa advice!

    I get the de facto part for registering the relationship but it does not stipulate being divorced in the partner visa info on immi.gov. And a couple of other sites said being able to prove separation would suffice. It's just the time frame that worries me unless I study further. (Which in itself would help as it would give time for a divorce to be finalised!)
  2. plangley85

    Partner visa advice!

    I haven't been with my partner long (only a couple of months officially) but we have been talking about the future. I was hoping someone could give me some advice. He is seperated and has been for a few years now. They have a child but live in different towns (4 hours away). He is Australian. I'm from the UK over here studying. My student visa expires March 2021. Literally a few days off the 12 month requirement. I am thinking of studying further but course limitations for International students make it hard to do where we live so I might have to move. We haven't moved in together yet but are planning to. Can anyone advise whether we would realistically stand a chance of a de facto visa? I know registering the relationship would help with the time limit but my understanding is we cant get that as he is currently married. Kind regards and TIA!