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  1. Tmduk

    Migration Agent Recommendation

    I can recommend myself...as a professional beer drinker
  2. Tmduk

    Is anyone actually getting back to Oz??

    I have. We got our economy flight with Qatar airways cancelled in august last year, we then decided to upgrade to business class and flew in 2 weeks later. Our best chance of getting here at the time was to just fork out for business class.
  3. Tmduk

    309 partnership visa applications

    Mine took just over 11 months, applied July 2019.
  4. Tmduk

    Buying property in a different state?

    Thanks for all the advice and insights into suburbs, il be sure to contact a Queensland based solicitor to get some further info.
  5. We’re living in my partners parents house in Sydney, both in full time work and saving for a deposit for our first home. We’ve decided we’ll move up to Brisbane or Gold Coast probably next year due to the property prices here. Both of us have never been to Brisbane and we’ll obviously do a couple of trips up there and go round a few suburbs to see what it’s like (upon borders opening). Is there anything to be wary of with buying a property in Queensland whilst residing in NSW? We’d like to buy a house whilst being employed in Sydney and rent it out until we’re ready to make the move, is there any implications here? If anyone could suggest some nice leafy suburbs in and around Brisbane where we could get a 3 bed house/freehold townhouse for 650k/700k that would be great. I’ve seen Morningside looks to be more affordable than some others.
  6. Tmduk

    Worst Nightmare....

    Honestly I moved here just over 3 months ago and most Aussies don’t have a clue how bad it is overseas, they are surprised I had to do hotel quarantine. Life has gone on uninterrupted here for the most part. They are even more surprised when I tell them how much we paid for business flights.
  7. Tmduk

    Stranded Australians

    What about those who were renting apartments or rooms, what about their bond? Just leave without their thousands of pounds that the landlord is holding? Also, people were renting rooms with friends, should they just leave the room, stop contributing to the monthly rent and leave your friends/other tenants short of the money required for rent at short notice and screw them over? The professionals with targets to hit at work, no one wants to leave and screw over their employer either, what will they say when you need them for a reference? “They just disappeared and left me in the shit”. Imagine handing your notice to your employer with your flight booked home. Oops sorry my flight has been cancelled can I work for a bit longer, oops sorry it’s cancelled again can I work for another month. Aren’t you one of the ones who goes on about how stressful and expensive it is to move to the other side of the world (emigrating to Australia), now you’re saying people should have been able to move swiftly? What about their furniture, pets, gym memberships, electronics, clothes, wifi, gas, etc etc.
  8. Tmduk

    143 parent visa. Help!! Needing to leave oz.

    You should pay for a professional (MARA registered agent) opinion then.
  9. Tmduk

    Best way to save house deposit

    Interest rates are terrible, if you’re not looking to buy in the next 5 years, then investing money into Exchange Traded Funds (ETF’s) would give better returns than a savings account. Depends on your situation.
  10. Tmduk

    Best way to save house deposit

    By putting money into a savings account
  11. Tmduk

    Would you move to the UK now?

    Definitely not. My sibling tested positive for COVID last week and they had to isolate for 2 weeks and they live in a pretty rural town, it’s spread far and wide over there and it’s not safe. The uk is going back into lockdown this Thursday for who knows how long on top of the issues mentioned above. Enjoy normal life here until it calms down a bit (a lot).
  12. Tmduk

    British medical records

    Before I emigrated I requested my medical records from the NHS using a form - type in google “how do I get a copy of my health records from the NHS” and you should find the form somewhere. It was quick and I think took less than a week for all of my medical records/results to be scanned and sent to me. I printed them out, brought them here, took them to my initial consultation at a new GP practice. they took them and scanned them into their system so they have my medical background (i have a pre existing condition).
  13. Tmduk

    Family law and custody of son

    You need some serious professional advice not joe bloggs opinion on a forum mate
  14. If you’re flying economy be prepared as you may get bumped off your flight, it’s very difficult to get a seat on a plane at the minute.