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  1. Someone i know contacted the visa office and enquired about 143 visa processing. He was told that the processing slowed initially to Covid 19 and later because of budget announcement. Post budget announcement they have started processing as per normal. Fingers crossed XXXXX
  2. Guru81

    870 parents temporary visa

    Thanks Linda for detailed info. These days immigration is asking everyone to do medicals if you are applying for 600 onshore. This is mainly for those whose existing 600 has expired and have applied it again to continue to stay in Australia. Regarding 870 government has advised that people can apply for 870 onshore as long as they are eligible. I wasnt sure about whether you can apply while u are on bridging visa or not. Yes, i have already applied for 143 in Aug 2016. The reason for 870 is mainly because we dont want to travel due to covid 19 and if you apply for 600 onshore then DHA only gives 3 months of additional visa these days.
  3. Guru81

    870 parents temporary visa

    Hi everyone, Can you apply for 870 onshore if you are on bridging Visa? I have applied for 600 and they have asked me to do medicals which is booked in January 2021. They have issued me bridging visa to continue to stay. Also have applied 143 in August 2016.
  4. Yes, we have applied in Aug 2016 and havent heard anything back. If you ask me then it feels like a jackpot. Good for them. Lets see if someone else have any other idea on this.
  5. Did they previously apply for 103 few years ago? I know few people moving from 103 to 143 after 4 or 5 years get a priority over fresh 143 applications.
  6. Great info Alan. Any idea about recent announcement where they said onshore applicants will be prioritied. Does that mean they will not process 143 applications anymore this year?
  7. Hi We have already applied for 143 in Auh 2016 and havent heard anything back since then. Currently in Australia on 600 tourist visa and looking at applying for 870 so that can continue staying with family for few more years. Can you pls help me understand following: Does anyone know if applying for 870 will cancel my 143 or not? How long does it take to receive an outcome of 870? Is there any option to get some sort of Bridging visa while waiting for outcome of 870? Much appreciate any help or direction i can get. Thanks in advance.