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  1. Hi all, Overseas fulltime cook April 2014 Obtained Culinary cert after a 10 months corse in OCT 2016. Positive skill assessment Sep 2017. Visa 186 logded in Nov 2018. Currently working in Australia via visa 482 approved Dec 2018 expiring Dec 2020. Business nomination for 186 approved June 2019. Visa 186 refused in July 2019 with reason: working experience post Culinary cert received in oct 2016 is not recognized. My question is that if the chance to be approved at the AAT is high or low. We do have full support from the current employer to clarify the need of my employment at their restaurant. However the Restaurant has been making loss for the last two financial years 1718 and 1819 due to road closure for months, shop closure for big renovation, current Corona panic. Is there anyone had already experienced similar to my current case? Or if you have any suggestion. During the AAT will they consider the current situation of the applicant which i do have enough 3 years full time experience by now. Or will they only consider the situation when application was lodged. Thanks in advance to all.
  2. Hi, Have you received visa approval after the nomination approval? Thanks