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  1. Hi all, I am wanting to apply for a student visa however wondering about the relaxed working rights... Currently if you are enrolled in a healthcare related course and working in healthcare you can work more than the 40 hours/fortnight. I'm a nurse but don't particularly want to do anything nursing related. Does anyone have experience in this? I'm wanting to potentially do a certificate in fitness but not sure if this would be classed as healthcare related?
  2. @ali The other offences were for drunk and disorderly and they were only cautions back in the UK. We have started to gather all the evidence but seems like a lost cause if an agent doesn’t think it’s possible for a grant. @The Pom Queen thank you for the suggestions I will look into those agents. It’s such a mind field trying to navigate who will actually be able to help us.
  3. Hello I'm just looking for advice and a good visa agent to take on our case... I am currently living and working in Broken Hill, NSW on a TSS visa. My partner is living in NZ but is from the UK, he is wanting to join me in NSW as a subsequent entrant as my partner on my visa. The issues we are facing is that we have been together for slightly over a year however only lived together for 3 months, so not sure what our chances are of him coming on my visa as de facto. I have read that registering your relationship in the state you live can waiver the requirements however not sure how true this is. We have plenty of evidence to meet all other requirements. Secondly my partner has a conviction from Australia in 2017 for assault on an officer- he was not placed in jail and released with 12 month good behaviour order. He also has 2 previous cautions from the UK from 10 years ago. No criminal record from the past 3 years in NZ. Obviously before applying for the visa we wanted to know how likely it is that he would be granted a visa especially based on the fact we haven’t lived together for a long time and his criminal record. Does the fact he is coming to live in a remote part of Aus with me have any benefit to our case? Would like some honest advice on the likelihood of a grant and a rough price from an agent. Thanks