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  1. jbeeaar

    485 refusal

    Hi there I’m wanting advice on a AAT review please.. I applied for my 485 visa on the 11 of March 2020 which has been since refused based on incorrect dates on my completion certificate which states the 13th I was in contact with the university prior who stated in a letter that upon successful completion of my final two units my completion date is expected to be to 10th of March. This was uploaded in my visa application. I successfully passed these final units and results were published on the 10th so I applied for 485 on the 11th. I needed to apply for a new visa urgently as my student visa was expiring on the 15th.. Later on the 17th March I finally received my offical letter of completion (which was after my student visa would have expired) but the completion date sated was the 13th instead of the 10th.. We have been in contact with the university and the only difference between the two dates is that the 10th is when results are published and the 13th is when they’re entered into the system.. so technically my completion date was still the 10th and I would have been unlawful in the country if I had waited for the 17th for the final letter to come in before applying for 485.. Is this grounds for a AAT review? Would appreciate any advice Thankyou
  2. jbeeaar

    Bridging visa confusion

    Thankyou for your response.. But what happens if she’s been on a bridging visa for so long and the visa hasn’t been granted?
  3. jbeeaar

    Bridging visa

    Do bridging visas count towards the time allowed on your visa that your waiting for? Or is it extra time? Say you’ve been on a bridging visa for 12 months, and the visa you’ve applied for has a 12 month duration do you wait for the visas approval or do you have to leave the country because it still counts?
  4. jbeeaar

    Bridging visa confusion

    Hey there! I’m trying to help my friend with her visa situation and I have a quick question.. she has been waiting for her second working holiday visa and has been on bridging visa A since January last year.. does the time of your new visa start from the date it was applied for or from when it gets approved? Because she’s still on a bridging visa because of COVID, does she have to leave 12 months after the application was submitted & not have it approved yet? Or can she wait until it gets approved and stay on the bridging visa and then she has a full 12 months on the second working holiday visa? Please and Thankyou!!
  5. jbeeaar

    URGENT! Student visa - BVB - 485 visa

    Yes we understand that is the case, does the completion certificate have to be uploaded at the time for the bvb to be approved? Completion certificate is due within 48hours from course completion Thankyou
  6. jbeeaar

    URGENT! Student visa - BVB - 485 visa

    Are you able to confirm what Hex said for me? 'With that said it means that the bridging visa won't be able to be looked at until at soonest the 12th (when the certificate is uploaded). ' Please and thankyou
  7. jbeeaar

    URGENT! Student visa - BVB - 485 visa

    Oh really? The completion certificate needs to be provided before a bridging visa can be assessed? That's news and very helpful information.. thankyou Will definitely be seeking professional advice!
  8. jbeeaar

    URGENT! Student visa - BVB - 485 visa

    Yes he will, it's due on the 12th.. we have a letter from the University specifying his course completion date of the 10th of March and will upload that and results once they're released on the 10th when we first submit the application and then upload the completion certificate in the following days..
  9. jbeeaar

    URGENT! Student visa - BVB - 485 visa

    Thankyou so much for your response! Just as I thought, I'm guessing because we are cutting it so close I'm guessing we are running at a risk of the bvb not being approved in time.. is it likely that the bvb will be approved before our travel date? Sorry not sure how the system works! Thankyou
  10. Hey there! I would really love some clarification on a couple things please.. have a tricky situation and next to no straight answers My partner is in Australia on a Philippines passport currently on his student 500 visa which expires on the 15th of March.. and allows travel. We are intending on extending his stay in Australia with the post graduate 485 visa after this.. HOWEVER, before he planned on applying for the 485 visa we booked a holiday to Bali for two weeks which he was then intending on going home.. things have now changed and we have a bit of tricky navigation to get there first.. His visa expires the 15th of March, we intend to leave for Bali the 13th of March BUT his course doesn't finish until the 10th of March meaning we cannot apply for the 485 visa and bridging visa B until successful course completion.. this gives us a tiny 3 day window between visa application submission and a 5 day window between submission and visa expiry.. My main question is, can he leave the country on his student visa and then have the bridging visa approved while in Bali or should we wait and change travel arrangements until bvb is all approved? If anyone knows how the system generally works that would be amazing!! Thankyou!