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  1. Sorry, will not reply to any more posts and will head over to main thread thanks Michelle
  2. See attached that I received from Migration specialist.
  3. And as only one child - balance of family not an issue.
  4. We sorted out that my daughter’s partner can sponsor me. I am just waiting on one more reply. I am also arranging a consultation with another specialist just to be on the safe side and then I will make a decision which one to go with. Thanks.
  5. That’s encouraging. Thanks.
  6. I am about to apply for a CPV 143 and believe processing time could be as much as 6-8 years! Would it be possible to get a visitor visa every one of those 6-8 years and then spend up to 6 months a year, in 90 day blocks, in Australia or would they knock that on the head after the first two or three years? Thanks Shell
  7. NYNL20

    Tourist 600 / CPV 143

    Until the 143 is granted, I would be returning home. The hope was to be able to spend alternate 3 month periods in Aus and UK on the 600 tourist visa, working remotely, until I got the 143 but the general consensus has been that this will not be possible. Thanks Shell
  8. NYNL20

    Tourist 600 / CPV 143

    Will do and I had already ask for confirmation of what she had advised on Friday which got me all excited in the first place. I have just contacted Paul Hand at SunCoast Migration, so fingers crossed for better advise this time. I do appreciate your help. Shell
  9. NYNL20

    Tourist 600 / CPV 143

    Thanks for clearing up how you would get caught. Makes absolute sense and not worth the risk at all. I will be getting in touch with the people you suggested. Shell
  10. NYNL20

    Tourist 600 / CPV 143

    Yes, just checked and she definitely has a registration number. I am planning to call her first thing tomorrow, which will mean staying up until early hours for me, but I need to work out how this confusion has arisen. Thanks Shell
  11. Good evening First can I ask what PIO stands for? There are a lot of abbreviations to get used to on this site. Secondly, I had a call with a Registered Migration Expert on Friday, but as one bit of information they have given me appears to be incorrect, I thought I would run a second one past you. My daughter has a de facto visa and is hoping to get her Permanent Resident visa this summer. I was under the impression that we had to wait to her to get her PR before she could sponsor me for the CPV 143, but I was advised that her partner could sponsor me, but I can't find anything that confirms that on the immi.homeaffairs.gov.au site. Does this sound right to you? I am sorry if this is not the correct thread for this question. I started the weekend thinking the waiting time for CPV 143 was 2-3 years and I could just get the Visitor 600 visa and spend alternate three month periods in Oz and UK for those two years working remotely for a UK company. This was what I was advised. I have finished the weekend doubting that advice and learning that the wait time is now 6-8 years. Is there any light out there? Thanks Shell
  12. NYNL20

    Tourist 600 / CPV 143

    Thanks for your replies. I am so upset as I was given contrary information by a Registered Migration Expert and just wanted a second opinion. I have emailed them asking them to urgently confirm what we had discussed as I had asked my boss for a chat on Monday to discuss my plans!! I will now be consulting another company, but also taking issue with the first. Shell
  13. NYNL20

    Tourist 600 / CPV 143

    Hello My daughter has a de facto visa and is hoping to get her PR this summer. She has been having health issues and I want to get out there sooner rather later. I am about to apply for the CPV 143 with her partner sponsoring me, but in the meantime I hope to go out for 3 month periods on tourist visa. In the UK I work from home 3 days a week so it is a good possibility that my employers would let me work remotely. On the tourist visa it says you must not work, but does that mean for an Australian company only? Would I be able to work remotely for my UK employers? Secondly, it looks like it is currently taking approx 4 years for the CPV to be processed so would I be able to keep getting the tourist every year for as long as it takes to get the CPV? Or is there another route to this end that would allow me to work remotely and going backwards and forwards to UK? Thanks in advance for all advice. Shell