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    491 Visa Problem, Help

    Hi everyone, I just have some problems with the visa application so I am posting this topic for help. Thank god I recently got a job in my nomination skill assessment of architect in the regional area of Queensland, and I was dreaming to settle in such a beautiful land after my 491 Visa is approved. However, when I was about to submit my EOI, I realized that my employer is a sole trader instead of a company. Also, although the job duty in the offer does comply with the description of my nominated skill in ANZSCO, my employer has no certificate in the field at all. I was petrified when I realize this. I am wondering if the DHA would refuse my application because of my sole trader employer or because he has no certificate in the field? Can anyone tell me what should I do? Best Regards
  2. ChaosYT181

    491 Visa Problem, Help

    Hi, Thank you for your information, actually, I am not applying for 491 small business nomination. I am applying for the Queensland Graduate Stream of 491. I do understand the eligibility on the official website, however, there is not any statement about the size of the employer.