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  1. Jullia

    888 forms hold strong evidence ?

    Thank you I’ll make sure that the agent I go with his a Mara agent
  2. Jullia

    888 forms hold strong evidence ?

    Thank you that’s what I was thinking and he wanted more then 6 I thought maybe 3 or 4 would be enough . Thank you I don’t think I’ll go with him I’ll try look for a Mara agent . Thank you
  3. Does doctor support letters hold a lot of weight ? I attended all appointments with my partner and my doctor wrote a support letter
  4. Jullia

    888 forms hold strong evidence ?

    I haven’t paid him yet but apparently he is . He’s in a office so I’m assuming he is
  5. I have 6 Australian citizens doing 888 forms for my partner visa . Which are parents and friends . A agent has told me that more the better as they are the strongest evidence to provide . Is this true does it hold a lot of weight in the application ? The agent said if I can get more people then 6 to do a 888 form then the stronger it is also we’re going to get statements from my parents family who live overseas but I think it’s a different form that they will have to fill out .
  6. Yes I realise that . But unfortunately I’m unable to apply onshore . My only option is offshore . My partner will come with me for the waiting period tho
  7. Bridging visa E . I waited years for protection visa it was refused and I have apealed and I now have no choice but a partner visa with my partner so I have to go offshore
  8. Thanks I’m just wanting to make sure that they upload all my evidence . If they think some is not needed then I’m fine with that and would be happy for them to tell me that .
  9. Oh ok thanks . The partner visa is for me I’m the applicant my husband is the sponsor . I haven’t updated them of past address history . I did tell them I moved and then moved back to the same address but they didn’t seem to care . I’m just worried I’d they don’t see my addresss in my system they might think my story is a lie just because I didn’t email them my past address as I forgot to inform them before
  10. If I get an agent t to help me with my partner visa application can I see what they upload when they submit my application and evidence ? As I just want to make sure they upload all the evidence I have ?
  11. Hi everyone , I have been in Australia for 7 years . I’m now wanting to apply for a partner visa but I have to apply offshore . The one problem I have is that I didn’t update immigration if my past address history as I knew I would be returning to the address they have in the system when I marry my wife . I called them and told them I moved out from that address that they had for two years but returned back to the same address now that they have . And they said that’s fine and didn’t seem to care and they have the right address for present . But I’m worried because I’m going to be applying for a partner visa and they don’t have my address history and in my relationship story I need to mention me moving out etc . Should I email them the dates and addresses of past address history or just leave it ? Also when I go offshore will they look at my old address history ? Should I just send a email before I leave Australia just in case? Also are there any agents on here who can help me with a offshore partner visa ?