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  1. Hi All, A 143 Contributory Parent visa we lodged has recently hit a roadblock due to the applicant’s failed medical. We were given till 13/3 to appeal the medical decision but just left it as we have decided not to proceed with the visa. We emailed the parent visa centre earlier this week asking them whether the visa has now formally been rejected/closed and are currently awaiting a response. From my understanding once the Parent Visa Centre confirm the visa has been rejected I then need to complete Assurance of Support release forms to get our bond guarantee returned. Naturally we would like the bond guarantee returned ASAP. Has anyone got experience with this scenario or have any advice? Or know how long it takes the Parent Visa Centre team to confirm the visa has been rejected? Thanks in advance.
  2. Hi All, We applied for a 143 Contributory Parent visa and have received a letter from immigration last week, detailing my Mother has not met the health requirements due to her chronic bronchiectisis and the cost this may incur on the Australian community services/health care system. Specifying the applicant does not meet PIC 4005 (1) (c) (ii) (A) in schedule 4 to the Migration Regulations. Immigration have given us 28 days to comment. Her ongoing medication is of little cost, she’s sees her respiratory consultant once every 6/12 months and has been admitted to hospital in England only once in the last 10 years. Any advice? Any Immigration agent/lawyer recommendations that have helped others form a response? Thanks in advance.
  3. Question to all. Once the parent contributory 143 visa has been granted how long does the applicant have to enter Australia?