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  1. 10 hours ago, Wonderingaloud said:

    Found this posted by Richard Gregan who is a well known and reputable MA who posts on the forum. It’s from 2 years ago. 

    Although ANMAC now require all applicants to have a degree, they will still count work experience post-diploma - as long as it led to registration.

    e.g. your did a nursing diploma and got registered in 2008, and have worked as a nurse since then to present. You undertook further training last year and upgraded to a degree. ANMAC would still count your work experience from 2008 to present.

    The tricky part is at immigration stage - immi tend only to count experience post-degree for degree level occupations. Even if ANMAC says your original diploma was 'equivalent to a bachelor degree', it is purely advisory, so immi might not accept it, meaning you run the risk of getting no work experience points, regardless of what ANMAC say.




    Thank you Wonderingaloud, that makes sense. It’s so tricky as it sounds immigration could accept prior experience  but equally might not and it’s a very expensive risk to take!

  2. 14 hours ago, DukeNinja said:

    If you'd bothered to read through the link above you'd have learnt a bit about others journey through the trans Tasman agreement.

    But like I said, this is for your registration only, and is unlikely to help with the visa part.

    Thank you DukeNinja for that link. That’s interesting to know about transman agreement. I don’t think that’s a route we’ll need though as we can get the Aus registration/skills assessment as soon as he finishes the degree top up in April, it’s the experience not being recognised that’s the barrier!

  3. 11 hours ago, gaia said:

    New Zealand doesn’t require nurses to have a degree to register, they look at experience and cpd etc. once registered in Nz the trans Tasman recognition for nurses allows him to register in Australia. I would post in the careers section of this forum for advice as well, as I’ve not heard before of experience points for nurses only be counted once you have your degree. That is for me and others I know who have migrated it was years experience as a qualified registered nurse in total that counted , whether that was pre degree or not wasn’t relevant.


     That’s useful thank you! Can I ask when was that you and others you know migrated and on which visas? 

  4. Hi all,

    My name is Susie and am hoping to move to Australia with my boyfriend James. I’m an occupational therapist and James is a registered nurse.
    Our heart is really set on Melbourne and we  are hoping to get a 190 skilled VIC state nomination visa with James as the primary applicant. James has 9 years experience as a Registered Nurse in the UK, he has a diploma in nursing but currently doing a top up course course to bring this to a BSc which ends in May.
    With 9 years experience as an RN James would have 85 + 5 points for 190 in VIC and meet the 2 year work experience requirement. (I can’t be the primary applicant as VIC requires 10 years experience for my occupation which I do not have).
    BUT we are worried that James’s 9 years as a registered nurse will not be recognised before his BSc bridging course. This would reduce our points significantly and mean we would not be eligible for state nomination from Victoria as they require 2 years experience.
    Has anyone been through this similar situation? I have been through a few threads, it seems that ANMAC will accept this experience but there is a chance that migration might not?
    Thanks for your help!