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  1. 12 minutes ago, Ausvisitor said:

    Airline booking receipts (from your email when you booked)

    Airline online checkin emails from when you checkin

    Paper boarding passes

    Bank Statements showing transactions abroad buffered either side by transactions in your home country

    Hotel booking receipts and/or bills sent by email

    You are simply looking to highlight that when you travel you come home - that should be easy enough to show (obviiously the passport is the easiest but if you haven't got that then the above will show the patterm)

    Thank you for your respond, unfortunately I didn't have those record because my flight was booked by an agent and I can't get it out easily,  but recently I traveled to Thailand this January and I spent only 6 days which was stated on my passport stamped,  hope this will also help? 

  2. On 08/02/2020 at 11:52, paulhand said:

    Visitor visas are particularly random and there are many unjustified refusals. If you reapply, address the issues in the previous refusal, particularly If you can demonstrate a more comprehensive travel history than you previous shared. Take the other advice on itineraries as well. Make sure you demonstrate that you have a bigger incentive to return home than stay illegally in Australia (letter from employer etc). 

    We are all frustrated by this situation, but perseverance does sometimes pay off. 

    Thanks for your advise,  please how do I demonstrate about my travel history,  I need a help on this. 

  3. I haven't been to Australia before,  just my first time but I have visited other countries but the problem is I lost my previous passport which contains my traveling histories but I do my the flight ticket I used and also I can provide my police report which I use to obtained a new passport which I have now. 

  4. Okay thank you,  but for my traveling history, I lost my previous passport which contained my traveling histories but I do have my police report as evidence and my flight tickets,  would this be of help to me in my next application? 

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  5. Please I need a professional advise on how I can address this on my next application ,  I'm from Africa, Ghana and I applied a tourist visa subclass 600 but I was refused as a result of the below reason..... 

    My decision is based on the following factors You wish to travel to Australia for Tourism purposes. In your application form, you have not declared any friends, relatives or contacts in Australia. Whilst I have considered your travel itinerary for your visit, I note that you have presented a limited travel history. I therefore question as to why you would choose Australia as one of your first travel destinations given the longevity of the flight and that there are more desirable destinations closer to your home country. After considering the information provided, I am not satisfied that the applicant genuinely intends to stay temporarily in Australia for the purposes set out above. Therefore, I am not satisfied that the applicant meets the relevant criteria in clause 600.211 in Schedule 2 of the Migration Regulations.