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  1. Yes I did, got my 309 Granted via the Berlin Office 22/12/2020 after I lodged it 18/08/2020. I received an RFI from them mid November, it took all the 28 days to reply due to waiting on the Aus Fed Police check so replied on 18th Dec and to my astonishment received the grant on the 22nd. I printed, framed and wrapped it to surprise my girlfriend on Christmas Day here in the UK. Safe to say there were tears of joy! Flights booked for 4th April! Good luck to anyone reading this. Yes it does feel like you imagine getting that email through!
  2. Hi, I think I already know the answer but I am still eager to hear your input as I am being indecisive about it.... - year of manufacture 1994 - make, model & variant Mazda Mx-5 mk1 (Orginally Jap import Eunos S-special) - body type (coupe, convertible, etc) 2 Seat Convertible - engine size & fuel type 1.8 Petrol - transmission 5sp Manual - drive type (4WD, front wheel drive, etc) RWD - mileage 190,000kms - any special features, options or modification Hard top, JDM rarity/oem features - does it have aircon Yes, although never actually worked - realistic current UK market value £2000-2500 - Australian RedBook value $5700-8000 - which Australian state/city Melbourne - Australian market value (http://www.carsales.com.au/all-cars/search.aspx - search for the closest matching vehicle) Approx $13000-17000
  3. First post here so hello all! I've basically joined to share my woes and hopefully gain some reassurance or useful knowledge whilst going through this process. I feel as if I am fast approaching a crossroads in my visa decision making so it will be good to talk it through with someone. I'll make this into a short easy to read timeline of my journey so far - Aug 2016 - Aug 2017 - Completed WHV (met gf in Jan 2017 and started dating) Nov 2018 - Skills assessment approved after a long laborious process. EOI Lodged for Engineering Technologist 190 VIC - 65pts. Jan 2019 - GF moves over to UK with 2 year WHV after over a year long distancing. June 2019 - EOI lodged for Engineering Technologist 189 - 65pts - Updated 190 VIC - 70pts (had to wait for 5years experience for these 5pts) *Since Jan 2018 I have taken x4 IELTS/PTE exams where every time I have been 1-2 marks off Superior English. Example - Spkg 9.0 / Read 8.5 / Write 8.0 / List 7.5. (I have another booked 7th March.) Current Stats - 29 years (30pts) / IELTS (10pts) / BSc degree (15pts) / 5-8yrs Overseas Experience (10pts) / Single or Citizen Partner (5pts) = 65 or 65+5 190. Obviously its imperative I gain those extra 10 available for the English exam asap but even so I think I'm in danger of not be granted anything before the year is up and she has to return as 75 or 75+5 doesn't seem to be cutting the mustard currently... So...Option A is we move to NZ at the end of 2020 and I use my WHV whilst we wait for it to be granted. (but will be EOI's run out by then)? Option B In conjunction with 'A' we turn to Partner Visa of some kind (marriage/proposal is a strong possibility irrespective of this visa situation)(shes waiting for a ring!). But still the processing times are ludicrous and who knows how that will go. Linked to this would a fiance 300 visa work for me to at least enter and be able to work with staying with her? I will be discussing this with my agent of course but any opinions or advice would be most welcome. Cheers, Alistair.
  4. Thanks for your honesty, these were my exact thoughts considering you have people from all different walks of life, countries, languages and cultures applying. I like to think that us being a well educated Aussie and Englishman from birth, with a nice strong genuine relationship, good level of potential evidence, been together 2.5 years/dating for 3, living together 13 months....should be in good stead to succeed. We would be very thorough, compile it in a very clear and presentable fashion, as well as getting it checked professionally. Logic says we should be fine, but its just believing that Thanks for the reply. I guess it just boils down to how confident we are feeling about taking control ourselves. We certainly wont be the first to do this and you're right, there is plenty of first accounts and general info out there to aid. I will chat to a few other agents first and think this over some more before I making a decision.
  5. Well here's the thing...Only one person at this company from what I see is MARA registered. They are very established and have a top success rate. However, I haven't been impressed with their services since starting with them and they sprung it on me yesterday that I will need to pay another load of fee's because I'm changing from a skilled to a partner visa (starting over). Hence why now I am looking for other agents, and considering compiling the application ourselves and paying a few hundred to a registered firm to check it.
  6. To update - after more research, talks with the family and a good chat with my migrant agency I am kicking off the de-facto pathway. We have tons of potential material for our application as its something we have always had in the back of our minds (just in case). The additional cost to me is negligible compared to the 491 as it carries non of the location conditions and no skill select! My agent has informed me that their recent clients have been granted in great time so fingers crossed by the end of the year should be doable. With that said, we are favouring doing 6-12 months in Nz from October-ish as I have my WHV available and we have a few of our best friends living in the South Island. We should then be able to make the final move in our own time once all is granted.
  7. They don't unless I research things and contact them with questions. Not quite the service I was expecting at the beginning. I obviously have no comparison but I did expect my agents to check in from time to time especially with useful info. I feel once I paid my money, they didn't care as much. I can't fault they actual knowledge and ability though, Lets see what this weeks phone call brings. Good to have a straight opinion from someone like yourself, again lets see what comes of this weeks phone call with my agent. I'm interested to learn more about the 491 and from what I see on the other subclass 309/100 threads, the processing times are encouraging (9-10 months) if I were to go down that route, I could easily get on board knowing that we have a tight application to put forward for that.
  8. Despite me currently pursuing a 189/190 I'm starting to look into this visa as time is running our before my Aus girlfriends WHV ends Jan 2021. Reading this thread and everyone's jubilation at having theirs granted is nice to see and also very reassuring to read that the processing times can often be under 12 months as the stated processing time on the home affairs website is daunting! Congrats to everyone who've recently been granted, not much must top that feeling of receiving that email.
  9. I am a Design Engineer, so mechanical engineering, automotive, aerospace, industrial design, product design etc etc are the industries I am looking for. You may be right in saying that but realistically how different is the demand and thus my chances of being invited from WA, or NSW as appose to Vic? They must be equally if not more competitive?
  10. Thanks for your input @Ausvisitor. Maybe I should re-phrase and simply say Melbourne is 'one of the strongest places for my industry'. I totally expect Perth and Sydney to be comparable. I guess I'm just more familiar with the VIC job market as I worked there and tend to browse it more often than others. Regarding the refusals - thanks for clearing that up. For me I've no medical or criminal issues, points and documents have been carefully handled by myself and my agent but still good to be aware.
  11. Hi @Marisawright, Sorry for the confusion I have always been fully aware of what you stated above, that's not what I was getting at. I interpreted from the original statement that even after your EOI is answered with an invite...it is possible to get a refusal after you have complied and submitted your 'final' application with you $4000 fee etc?....if this is true, then I wasn't aware of it. The reality I think is I am more at risk of my EOI expiring. My 190 expires Nov 2020 and 189 expires June 2021.
  12. Thank you guys for replying appreciate it. @VERYSTORMY Cheers, but that worries me, you speaking of refusal? Not something it was really aware happened much. My agent has over 20 years experience so would have hoped that my application was strong enough to succeed. I've maybe naively assumed its just basically a waiting game once you send off your application after Invite? I need to read up on the probability of this and actually how/if refusals can effect other pathways. So just to be clear @Raul Senisethat's a typo. I'm currently on 70pts -189 / 75pts - 190. (Soon to be 80 & 80+5 once IELTS is superior) I know as things stand that's still not enough but @Marisawright do you still think take these off the table? 80-85 were accepted at times in 2019 so surely it's not out the question for this year? I will speak with my agent and discuss the 491 option, as well as the prospective marriage and go from there. After speaking with the girlfriend last night, we are both wanting to get life started in Aus as soon as possible next year if we can so, if there are other options that move to Nz won't happen. @DukeNinja I have considered another state, but its tough as Vic is the strongest for engineering design etc, but yes ultimately if it means being able to move over, I would take anywhere. The other half is a disability/mainstream school teacher so can pick up work anywhere. p.s how do you edit posts? do I need to have so many posts before I can edit?